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You Are A Pillar Of Peace In Kaduna State, el-Rufai Tells Zaria Catholic Bishop



Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai of Kaduna State on Friday described Most Reverend  Bishop George Dodo, “as a pillar that promotes peace, unity and progress of the state.

Governor el-Rufai on Friday expressed this when he paid a visit to  the residence of Bishop George Dodo, a Catholic Bishop of Zaria in Kaduna State.

He stated that, Bishop Dodo is not just the Catholic Bishop of the Diocese, but as the Chairman of  Christian Association of Nigeria in Kaduna, he is a pillar that promote peace and unity and progress in the state.

According to him, “the Bishop  is someone I have great respect for. I’ve not visited him for a while, he indicated that he wants to come and visit in Kaduna,  but since we are here in Zaria, that is why we decided to  come and see him  to pay our respect to listen to his counsel  and also  receive his continuous support and intervention to promote peace and unity  in our state.”

El-Rufai said that,  as elections are just by the corner, “he appealed to all religious leaders to encourage their people to make the right choices to give them civic education, which he said he knows the Catholics Church is doing very well.

He also  appealed to other religious organizations  to do the same.

” The most important thing is for people to be educated and be enlightened to make the right choices not  to say this party is better than that party but what determines what is good leadership and then people can make their choices this is my appeal to everyone.”

He added that,  “as we approach 2019 elections there would be mischievous politicians that will try to create tensions, it is  our duty to work together with our religious leaders and community leaders to create peaceful atmosphere in the state.”

Speaking, Bishop Jonathan George Dodo said “I am  happy to have somebody of his status to come to my humbly house for a visit, it is quite a long time we sat together.”

Dodo described the Governor’s visit “as a statement of fact, that he recognizes the position of a religious leader,  and there  is nothing wrong to visit religious leaders to share some ideas and to get some words of counsel and at the same time assurances of prayers.

In an interview, Dodo said, “my encouragement to him is that he should do everything humanly possible guided by the spirit of God and by the wisdom of God to make  everybody in the state feel that they have a father in him.”



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