Gambari Mourns Kofi Anan

Kofi Anan


Former Minister of External Affairs and one-time under secretary general at the United Nations, Professor Ibrahim Gambari has expressed sadness on the death of Dr. Kofi Annan whom he described as a friend, brother and former boss.

This was expressed in a statement issued by Tajudeen Kareem on behalf of Prof. Gambari on August 18, 2018.

“The departed scribe of the UN will be remembered for his humane and compassionate nature. He fought for the interest of Africa and humanity in general. History will not forget him as one international
figure that devoted his time, energy and intellect to minimizing global conflicts and humanitarian challenges. He showed great compassion in preventing conflicts and promoting peace building.

“Throughout my interaction with him, he never raised his voice in anger. I enjoyed a robust relationship with him on the job. I pray that he finds peace with his Creator,” Prof. Gambari reacted on Saturday.

Issued by Tajudeen Kareem on behalf of Prof. Gambari. 18-8-2018


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