Planned Demolition Of Fresh FM Ploy To Undermine Press Freedom In Oyo State – Makinde

Engineer Seyi Makinde, Oyo State Governor

By: BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

The Peoples Democratic Party Democratic Party (PDP)   gubernatorial aspirant  in Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde on Thursday asked the state government to stop witch hunting the Fresh FM Ibadan with its planned demolition of the Music House building housing the Fresh FM in Ibadan.

Engineer Makinde who handed down the caution In  a statement signed by Prince Dotun Oyelade for the Seyi Makinde organisation said the planned demolition was a clear manifestation that the present administration in Oyo state is no doubt ” being haunted by its own shadows”

The PDP governorship aspirant stressed that the  threats by the Oyo state government “to  demolish one of the most successful radio Stations in Nigeria, the Fresh FM based in Ibadan,” was not unexpected because ” Oyo state government was one of the few states in the federation that failed to implement the Freedom of information Bill.”

He pointed out that it was embarrassing that Oyo state government “has been collecting tenement rate from Fresh FM for years only to come up with a disgraceful excuse to undermine press freedom which is the cornerstone of democracy. “

The PDP governorship aspirant in the statement maintained that the state  government “is brought into disrepute when it responds with draconian rule to issues that it perceives are detrimental to its popularity. “

Engineer Makinde emphasized that also, the Pronouncement of support for the federal government policy on ranching only for the same government to deny it’s unpopular decision days after supporting clearly showed ” a sign of government inconsistencies on most matters concerning the state”


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