34 IDP Widows Empowered By Christian Solidarity Worldwide Nigeria



Widows from an Internally Displaced Camp in Kadarko, Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa state, were at the weekend presented with sewing machines, souvenir bag and bead making equipment and chemicals for making liquid soap, Izal, Shampoo and Air freshener after a 5-days skill acquisition training in the state capital.

Christian Solidarity World Wide Nigeria (CSWN) which empowered the widows after an earlier assessment of their situation in Kadarko Primary school that was converted to an IDP camp, urged them to put behind them the unfortunate demise of their husbands and seize the new opportunity of improving their livelihood.

Kadarko town which lies along the Nasarawa – Benue borders where the women were selected has been the scene of several attacks from suspected armed herdsmen and cattle rustlers. It led to the setting up of an IDP camp where survivors from surrounding villages were being sheltered.

Mrs. Liti Agera Teman the National director of CSWN who presented the materials after the one-week training, said the humanitarian effort was aimed at alleviating their current position by helping them to generate income for their homes.

She went ahead to tell them that CSWN, which works for religious freedom and human rights through advocacy decided on helping the widows so they can regain a semblance of their normal lives. She also pleaded with the government to further help the widows by securing their villages so that some of them can go back.

Out of the 34 widows that benefited; 21 were trained and given start-up packs on liquid soap, shampoo, izal and air freshener production, 12 trained on bag making and given sewing machines; and one on bead making and wire works.

Also, CSWN recently empowered another set of 32 Widows in Jema’a Local Government Area, Kaduna state with complete start-up packs after a similar 5-days skill acquisition training.


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