My Son In-law Must Emerge Next Imo Gov, Okorocha Vows

Immediate past Imo State State Governor, Senator Rochas Okorocha

Against the wish and desire of the people of the state on who becomes their next governor, the incumbent, Rochas Okorocha maintains that his son in-law and chief of staff, Mr Uche Nwosu must takeover from him in 2019 as the governor of the state.

Addressing a media briefing at the government   house  Owerri, the governor said that there eas  every sign that all those who ganged up against him in the name of coalition have failed in their efforts to have their way.

Governor Okorocha said that members of the opposition group fighting him have now started negotiating with him individually, maintaining that his son in-law, Mr Uche  Nwosu must take over from him whether Imo people like it or not.

He said that he has confidence that Nwosu will complete all the ongoing projects he initiated and could not complete.

He said so far, his administration has recorded a lot of progress, which is now impacting on the people of the state.

The Governor revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari will come to Imo State to commission some of the projects completed as soon as he returns from London.

He said that the projects are all over the state for doubting Thomases to see.

However, reacting to the Governor’s comment at the press briefing, some prominent politicians in the state believe that the Governor’s insistences on his son in-law taking over from him in 2019 is to ensure that all atrocities and the huge amount of funds squandered by him while in office are covered.

In the opinion of chief Gilbert Nnodum, Governor Okorocha will never run away from the hands of the law, he must be probed, pointing out that Governor Okorocha had done a lot that would warrant his being probed after his governorship

He questioned, “Do you think Imo people have forgotten the issue of the first bail out fund President Buhari released to states to caution the bad economic situation then in the country.

In his own reaction, J G  Amadi Nze (SAN) faulted the governor’s opinion where he said that his son in-law must succeed him in 2019.


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