2019: Oyo APC Governorship Ticket Not For Sale – Aspirant


By: BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Executive Assistant to Governor Abiola Ajimobi on Political matters, Dr Morohunkola Thomas and an All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship aspirant in Oyo state has declared that the governorship ticket for the 2019 general elections “is not for sale” in the state

Dr Thomas stated this while speaking with newsmen on the influx of moneybags into the 2019  governorship race in the state particularly into the ruling All Progressives Congress.

The Executive Assistant to Governor Ajimobi emphasized that as far as the APC will be concerned in Oyo state, there will be little or no room for the influence of money in the forthcoming primary election of the party.

According to the  former Commissioner in the state rather than the influence of money to play prominent role in the emergence of the APC standard bearer in the 2019 governorship election,  the determining factor will be  the  qualification for governorship that will make an aspirant to win the governorship ticket and not how fat the purse is.

” It  is the qualification for governorship, it is not how fat your purse is , it is how intelligence ,how courageous you are , how experience you are , how politically relevant you are, if you are not , no matter the  amount of money you have, you will misgovern, when you are coming into government its not your money that you are going to use to run the government. In the history of this state, I have not seen a rich man becoming the governor , the riches have never won the race . This party is not for sale , the governorship is not for sale and I remember that was what the NPN told  Mko Abiola  in 1983 that the presidency was not for sale , Oyo state governorship is not for sale”, he said.

Dr Morohunkola Thomas added, “If we run a free and fair race, they can’t stand me, the people will take their money but they will vote for me and that is the message because they still have their tutelage, many of this guys  have no PVC, many of them have never voted in their lives,  go and check, they have TVC ,(Temporary Voters Card), many of them are even struggling to claim where they come from, their identity is still being disputed , many of them don’t even know their wards and this are the people that want to become governor? “

Speaking further. the Executive Assistant to Governor Ajimobi said ” I am not a rich man in term of physical cash but I am very rich intellectually, I am very rich in term of experience, I am very rich in term of exposure, in term of closeness with my people.”

” See what the people of Akwa Ibom have done, they have abandoned the man that came from zenith bank to become their governor because he doesn’t know who and who to be carried along in the political system. I have been around, most politicians known me and I know them, they wont knock my door before they see me, when I become governor I will run regular political clinic in my constituency people will have access to me on weekly basis and I will be addressing and tackling their issues.”

He emphasized that there is the need to modernize governance in Oyo state and Nigeria in general, saying, “we must modernized governance and we must demystified this position it belong to the people , it should not be sold and it should not be bought, they will carry the money but I will carry my experience , I will carry my relationship with the people and exposure with them when and if I  get the ticket I know other political party will be trembling because they know there will be an upheaval, an earthquake in other political parties  because many people will decamp because of me.”


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