Niger Criminalises Thuggery

Governor Sani Bello of Niger State
Involvement in any act of thuggery and or supporting and sponsorship of polical thuggery or related acts are from now onwards criminal offences punishable under the laws of Niger State.
Concerns over activities of thugs especially by youths across the state had prompted the state House of Assembly to pass the bill for the enactment of a law against thuggery in the state.
Niger state governor, Abubakar Sani Bello on Wednesday appended his signature on the new bill to ratify it as a law.
The state legislature had passed the bill to the state governor following the passage of the bill which went through the legislative process at plenary.
In signing the law, governor Bello said henceforth, anyone caught fouling the provisions of the law, would face the full wrath of the law.
Governor Bello said the law was signed into law without any exceptions adding that anyone who promotes thuggery or is found wanting for involvement in any act of thuggery would be delt with decisively.
”Anyone who promotes thuggery or facilitates thuggery would face the wrath of the law” no matter how highly placed he declared.
The governor said the state government was concerned about the state of security in the state and would therefore take every necessary step to safeguard human lives and properties.
Earlier, the state’s commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of the state, Nassara Dan Malam, had while presenting the bill to the governor, noted that the new law was to ensure security, law and order.
Tagged a bill for thuggery, the new law takes immediate effect and is added to the existing laws of the state.
Political vanguards groups, thugs used by politicians and money bags as well as such arms bearing youths who go about brandishing all sorts of weapons at political rallies, meetings and festivities would have to go underground or risks the full wrath of the new law.
The state has for years had several recurring security issues over the activities of cult groups such as Yan Dabba, Sara Suka, Hunters Clubs and political vanguards of various shades and identities.


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