Sani Sidi Pulls Unprecedented Crowd As He Declares Interest To Run For Kaduna Governor

R-L: Former DG, NEMA Alhaji Sani Muhammad Sidi presenting his letter of intent for contesting Governorship in 2019 general elections to the Party. Photo: BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS


Former Director General of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) Alhaji Sani Sidi pulled an unprecedented crowd as he stormed the Kaduna State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Secretariat to declare his intention to contest for governor of the state in 2019.

Sidi, before his appearance on Tuesday, was not considered a favourite to clinch the PDP ticket, but with the development, the dynamics may have changed to give him brighter chances.

The entire access road to the party’s secretariat was completely occupied by vehicular and human traffic, while the adjoining Ali Akilu dual carriageway was also almost occupied, leaving only a small path for commuters.

His supporters were constantly chanting “Nigeria Sai Makarfi, Kaduna Sai Sani Sidi” translated from Hausa means, Nigeria unless Makarfi, Kaduna for Sani Sidi.

In his remarks at the ceremony, Kaduna State PDP Chairman, Honourable Felix Hassan Hyet said that Sani Sidi is welcome.

“This is your house and you have contributed a lot to the party.

“My brother Sani Sidi we are aware of how the government wanted to use all means to get rid of you. They have only sent you out as part of the rescue mission to come and rescue Kaduna State ” he said.

He said that if the delegates give him their mandate, it remains sacrosanct.

“You are one of the most respected aspirants we have. I want to wish you the best,” he added.

Addressing the crowd, Sani Sidi said that it was with great pleasure he declares his intention to contest.

He said that it is a rare privilege to be among the aspirants, and he is humbled by the large turn out of supporters.

He said it is a honour that the PDP ship sailed through turbulence and is back stronger than ever.

He said his reason of coming was to inform of his intention to contest for governorship, a decision taken after due consultation with family and friends.

He said that although they came with change mantra and fight against corruption, they have failed to live up to that, adding that the last three years has witnessed monumental corruption.

He said his vision is to ensure peace and unity and transform Kaduna State.

He said he would ensure entrenchment of party supremacy if given the change to emerge governor.

He assured that PDP which remains the largest party would bring prosperity to the state.

Sani Sidi further assured that they would put a stop to armed robbery and other forms of insecurity.

He said he has a clear vision and a clear manifesto on how to tackle the issues bedeviling the state.

“I did not Just come to contest, but I want to give back to the society,” he said.

He said he knows the complex nature of the state, as well as those that are disadvantaged.

“I am fully prepared to take the lead in this process. We are a Party that is reputed to have a robust mechanism for resolving internal conflicts following every congress. I know we will do it even better this Time around.

“When we do this, we will take back our state from the jaws of misgovernance. When we do this, we will be able to restore the pride and respect of our traditional and religious institutions that have been desecrated by an opportunistic leadership that seeks to destroy our common heritage.

“We will stop the kidnappings, abductions, armed robbery and the general insecurity which have become the trademark of the present administration.

“We must save our educational system by training our teachers, provide good health care, develop our infrastructure and above all, unite our people,” he said.

Since aspirants gunning for
Kaduna Governor started declaring intention at the PDP secretariat recently, none has pulled crowd of supporters as much as Sani Sidi.


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