Learn From Expatriate Contractors, Amaechi Tells Nigerian Engineers



Nigerian engineers have been encouraged to understudy  railway engineering and technology before the present contractors, General Electric (GE) and China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), complete the on-going Lagos-Ibadan Railway project and others at hand.

Minister of Transportation, Mr. Chibuike Amaechi, gave the push recently at the end of a Steering Committee Meeting held at the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) Headquarters in Lagos.

He disclosed that other countries which have engaged the services of the above-mentioned firms have mastered the technology and are able to handle some of the railway engineering works by using the services of local engineers.

Amaechi stressed the importance of his recommendation in the following statement “If we don’t capture this technology we will not progress.

“When I went to China, the Chinese told me they were able to understudy GE.  When I went to Indonesia, Indonesians told me they were able to understudy GE.

When I went to South Africa railway they also said that they are understudying GE.

The minister warned that if Nigerian engineers fail to master the technology of railway engineering before the present foreign contractors complete the projects, the contractors will travel back home with the expertise they brought to Nigeria.

It should be recalled that when the Joint Senate-House of Representatives Committee of the National Assembly (NASS) on Land Transportation conducted an inspection tour of the Lagos-Ibadan  Standard Gauge Railway project in July 2018 they sought from the contractor, (CCECC), the volume of local content in terms of labour and material that are employed in the work.  The lawmakers showed interest in carrying out an audit in this regard.


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