Retire From Politics Now, Group Tells Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani


A group, El-Rufai Win Project has forwarded reasons why Senator Representing Kaduna Central, Comrade Shehu Sani should retire from politics.

The group expressed this at a press briefing on Saturday, text of which was signed by its convener, Comrade Zubairu Mukhtar, and made available to New Nigerian on Sunday.

” We put it to the likes of Shehu Sani, that it’s time for their political retirement. We shall stand firm to tell the good people of Kaduna State how much Shehu Sani hates us in words and actions; how much he wishes to see us in pain and agony.

“This, we shall keep doing as part our contribution to deepening democracy and good governance,” it stated.

The group described Senator Sani as an enemy of the state and Nigeria.

“Shehu Sani is evidently an enemy of the development of Kaduna State and the Buhari Presidency and we should not be carried away by recent fake allegiance!” The group alleged.

El-Rufai win project wondered why the Senator is still claiming to be a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“Despite all the developments in the Kaduna State APC, of which everyone is conversant with, it is surprising that Senator Shehu Sani still parades himself as a member of our great party, the APC.

“We wish to categorically state that as at this point in time, that we are addressing this Press Conference, he still stands suspended. And we dare say that the suspension was appropriate even if to reduce the magnitude of his political style of sabotaging the democratic system in the country in general and Kaduna State in particular.

“As we all know, the Party at the Ward level has given legitimate and specific conditions for lifting this suspension on him.

“As youth who have the interest of the good people of Kaduna State at heart and children yet unborn, it is our collective responsibility to sensitize the good people of Kaduna State on the major setback brought to us by shehu for his personal motives of scoring cheap popularity and selfish political gains.

“It beats our imagination that a man who has called His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Nasiru Ahmad El-Rufa’i unprintable names still has the effrontery to lay claims to being a loyalist of the All Peoples Congress (APC). What manner of APC loyalist would openly attack the personality of the President in the media more than even the opposition elements?

“How can an APC loyalist, who rode on the back of Buhari and Elrufai turn around to be the worst enemy of their people-oriented policies in fulfilment of their 2015 campaign promises to the masses?” The group queried.

They explained that the APC stands for integrity, justice and equity.

” It also stands against all political and social injustices which saboteurs and opportunists like Shehu make a mockery of.

“His Excellency Mal Nasiru Ahmad El-Rufa’i has been working tirelessly to ensure that all sectors of the state taste the dividends of democracy, namely Healthcare, Education, Agriculture,
Youth and Women empowerment; Infrastructural development among others and anyone opposed to this is clearly an enemy of Kaduna State.

“Imagine the anti-people Senator, who doesn’t have anything to show for the over 3years that he has been in the Senate, apart from sabotaging the $350million dollar loan, claiming to be an APC loyalist. This is an insult on the sensibility of the people he claims to be representing and a smear on the image of the good people of Kaduna State, the APC and our amiable President. No sane lawmaker would undermine what would have bettered our lives of his constituents and that of our children yet unborn,” it stated.

The group added that history shall never forget such a disservice to the electorate of Kaduna State by a supposed representative of the people, who abandoned his primary responsibility of law-making for picking unnecessary quarrels with his leaders

“We stand firm to say that we disassociate ourselves from any individual or political office holder who stands in the way of the collective progress and development of Kaduna State.

“We need a Senator who would stand up and fight for us, a man who loves all, a sincere gentleman who shares in the laudable vision, mission and programmes of President Buhari and Mal. Nasiru El-Rufa’i.

“At all cost, the efforts to make Kaduna great again must be unrelenting, uncompromising, regardless of the failed revisionism of Shehu Sank and his co-travellers in the Kaduna destabilization project.

“It is on this basis that we call on all El-Rufa’i Win Project Ambassadors and the residents of Kaduna State at large, to resist any form of mischievous propaganda and misinformation they may hear from the enemies of our progress, who have marked themselves out already.

“Our doors are wide open to clarify any information that may be spread by disgruntled elements to mar the good name and works of both our amiable President and our no-nonsense Governor,” the group concluded.


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