Family Court To Take Off In Oyo In 2019 – Chief Judge

Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State.

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Chief Judge of Oyo State, Justice Munta Abimbola has hinted that all is now set for the State Family court  to take off next legal year.

Justice Abimbola who dropped this hint while delivering the 2018, University of Ibadan,  Faculty of Law lecture  entitled “Absolute Justice: Fact or Fiction” said this became necessary in view of the need to give justice to Child offenders and adjudicate over matrimonial issues.

Justice Abimbola said to ensure its  smooth take off , the State Family Court has been completed and will take off by next legal year to give justice to Child litigant or offender as well as attend to matrimonial proceedings.

“The good news however is that as Chief Judge I made it a priority to have a family court. It has been completed and shall take off by the next legal year”, he said.

Justice Abimbola maintained that in order to ensure justice and put in check delayed trials in the litigation or trial process and settlement of disputes in court, “alternative Dispute Resolution are now being encouraged in the state which he said gives assured justice to parties than the litigation process.

“In deciding what is morally right or wrong and considered justice, subjective valuation is involved. what is considered justice in certain societies at certain period might be considered injustice at a latter period and depending on subjective consideration. There is no absolute criterion to measure justice”.

He added that “the Child’s Rights Law has been promulgated since 2006. This law recognises the rights of children and provides for its enforcement. the law disallows trials of juvenile offenders with adult. The child offender should be given a fair trials and the trial process must be seen to be fair to uphold justice for the child offenders,”.

Justice Abimbola stressed that “in . matrimonial proceedings some issues are so serious, it is given a protected trial, and such cases are better suited to be tried in Family courts, a child friendly environment. How then can justice be for a child litigant or offender without their courts?

Speaking further, the Chief Judge said   only a conducive court environment can ensure quick dispensation without undue adjournment of cases, saying, absolute or perfect justice cannot exist or does not exist saying Justice ” and that absolute or perfect justice cannot exist or does not exist saying Justice “is in the eyes of the holder”.


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