(OPINION) In Spite Campaign Of Calumny, Buhari’s Several Achievements Speak For Him

President President Buhari (left) with Senate President Saraki

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By. Dr Yusuf Joseph Aliu
Taking a prudent observation  lazed with an unbiased mind on  the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari , any intelligent  analyst would no doubt look at the many developments and achievements of the APC led government under  Mr. Buhari, despite all the mirage of challenges in the country.

His ability to fulfill most of his party’s priority campaign promises in line with his pledge to tame the dreaded Boko Haram terrorists,fight the monstrous corruption and diversify the Nigerian economy, is a clear sign of a focused government.

The administration has so far carried out these promises with vigor, not minding the various subjective criticisms from the opposition which is part of democracy.

The Nigerian economy under the Buhari administration has been rejuvenated and rightly on its path of growth after the hard biting recession. Kudos to its ability to sustain the revitalized momentum on the agricultural and solid minerals sectors throughout the recession period, including its patriotic zeal to raise the nation’s external reserves,the highest level in five years.

The Forex window introduced by the CBN under this administration which now sees an average $1 billion in weekly turnover, attracting about $45 billion dollars in flows in its first year, has contributed immensely in raising investors confidence in Nigeria and its vibrant economy.

The government focus on infrastructural development in its budgets with an unprecedented allocation is equally a display of a government with a mindset to revive a battered nation from the shackles of mismanagement from the previous administration in past years.

The administration’s agricultural policy which is the biggest drive of the government no doubt is a good thinking to any judicious analyst or policy thinker given the vast Nigerian rich land and its unquantifiable agricultural products. The feed yourself approach, instead of the get feed approach prevalent in the past is glaringly the right way to go in attaining a self-sustaining nation with self-sustaining people.

It is a quite a delight to see that the hitherto fertilizer distribution controversies in the country is now something of the past with the introduction of the Presidential Fertilizer Initiative and millions of energetic Nigerian farmers are ripping bountifully from this initiative.

It is a candid reality that the Nigerian legislators will contribute more positively to the people and their nation if they free their minds from retrogressive political bickering and unappreciative of most of the good jobs of the APC led administration by effectively informing their constituencies of the various positive changes going on across the Nigerian economy, instead of expecting that the Information Minister Lai Mohammed should  do the job for them.

It is actually a disservice to the people who voted them into power as most of them have failed to set up effective and efficient communication system and political base with the people of their constituencies in respective of their political parties.Rather they have remained secluded in the capital, Abuja, away from those who rolled the hard wheels that brought them to power, consequently creating a less impact of their responsibilities at the grassroots.

Again, the need for the National Orientation Agency to strategize and re-energize its responsibility of effectively informing the populace of the developmental strides of this administration should be a priority of the agency with more creative and innovative information channels initiated.

It is part of the duty of the Nigerian legislators to ensure that the visionary Economic Recovery Growth Plan (ERGP) launched by President Buhari in 2017 succeeds. This will definitely create more impact on the country’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and also create a generation of new entrepreneurs and successful indigenous startups.

So as Mr. Buhari and his party, the APC continue to create a solid new foundation for the country by taming insecurity, boldly wrestling the mountainous corruption monster in the country, and stimulating the Nigerian Diaspora and other foreign investors into the country’s socioeconomic setting; it is also important and humanly possible to take an unprejudiced focus on his achievements and positively see the great jobs since taking over the leadership of the most populous and diversified African nation over three years ago.

Dr Yusuf J. Aliu writers  from  France and can be reached via Email: draliu5th@gmail.comcom

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