Nine Men Sentenced To Jail For Exhuming Corpse From Cemetery

By: BALA B.  BITRUS,  Minna
A Minna Chief Magistrate Court has sentenced nine persons to various prison terms for invading a cemetery, exhuming a corpse and severing the skull of a corpse.
The accused persons were charged for conspiracy, concealment of fact and illegal possession of human skull.
The Chief Magistrate Court while passing judgment on the accused, reelled out various prison terms to all those accused for their involvement in the unnatural act.
The accused had invaded a cemetery under the cover of darkness and unearthed a grave from where they exhumed a corpse and severed it’s head for ritual purposes.
The offence according to the Chief Magistrate Court contravenes the state’s penal code law sections 9,7, 2,1,3 and section 2,1,9 which is punishable with varied sentences without option of fine.
The nine persons are to go to jail for acts of conspiracy, trespass and being in possession of human skull according to the Magistrate Court.
The nine suspects have various prison terms ranging from six months, one year two years respectively and the terns are without option of fine.
The court categorised their offences and punishment accordingly by giving the 1st, 2nd and 10th accused persons prison terms of six months, one year and two years respectively for conspiracy, trespass and being in possession of human skull.
The 3rd, 4th and 5th accused persons were handed six months jail term each for conspiracy and failure to give information on the crime to the Police.
The 9th accused person was sentenced to serve a six months year jail term without option of fine.
The 7th and 8th accused persons were sentenced to serve one year jail term for their offence while the 6th person was discharged  and acquitted.
The court ruled that the accused must serve their jail terms to serve as deterrent to others.
Cases of trespasses into graveyards and cemetries have remained recurring decimals as criminally minded elements invades such places to steal corpses and severe skulls and other human body parts for ritual and diabolic purposes.
Get rich quick syndrome is believed to be the reason behind such quest for human parts including break in on graveyards for human parts from buried corpses.


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