Lack Of Ideologies Responsible For Defections – Legal Practitioner



Holes in the 1999 constitution and lack of political ideologies have been blamed for the constant defections by politicians anytime elections are due to take place.

Responding to the recent decamping by the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, Kwara, Sokoto and Benue states governors citing insincerity and other reasons, Barrister Job Dangana advised that the constitution ought to have been amended because it made provision that in the advent of disagreement in a political party members are allowed to decamp.

“The 1999 constitution allows party members to decamp if there’s conflicts in their parties. But, I also believe it should make them remain in the party as to helping to fixing the problems. These politicians lack ideologies and are mainly in office for what they can grab. Feed their selfish interests and fill their pockets with government funds.”

The lawyer and author is of the view that the framers of the constitution do not know the implication of that part of the constitution. He also described our lawmakers and political office holders as ignorant of what the constitution entails.

According to him, “you can only work with what you know and not the other way round. Most of our politicians are illiterate to what is contained in the 1999 constitution and this is very pathetic as it portrays the nation in the international community as still very far from developing.”

On the security issue in the country, Barr. Dangana condemned federal government’s present handling of the problem, stating that government have not shown that it is serious at finding a lasting solution to the persistent killings in some states in the northern part of the country.

“Lives are lost on a daily basis in Zamfara, Sokoto, Borno, Plateau, Benue, Kaduna and Taraba states, yet the culprits are not brought to book and apprehended. It is a shame that those behind these killings are still at large. Families have vacated their villages and the villages occupied by these bandits or herdsmen as the case may be,” he explained.

The author is of the view unless the constitution is amended and government put its legs firmly on the ground to address some basic issues the military might just strike again.

“Government must do more in the provision of security, because as it is now, the security of the people have been put squarely in the hands of God. Nigerians no longer trust government. They have promised Nigerians and failed to deliver, so the masses have resorted to banking on God.”


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