Steer Clear Of Unethical Practices, Institute Warns Surveyors


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Oyo State Chairman of tge Nigeria Institute of Surveyors,  Surveyor Aderemi Kobiowu on Thursday warned Surveyors across the country to steer clear of unethical practices that may dent their image.

Surveyor Kobiowu handed down the warning while speaking at the Association of Private Practicing Surveyors of Nigeria (APPSN), 2018 Annual seminar tagged “Good practice and its benefits” held at Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS) building in Ibadan

He stated that the warning became necessary in view of the fact that the rate of getting jobs by members of the association in the present time are no getting more deteriorating through unethical practices by some of its members.

“Facts and figures at my disposal indicated that the rate of getting jobs by our members is now getting deteriorating compared to the past. As a result, one may be tempted to be involved in unethical practices such as under charging, recapping of other Surveyors pillar numbers, boycotting mandatory deposit,” he said.

Emphasizing that the consequences of getting involved in any of these unwholesome practices is grave, Surveyor Kobiowu said, “any Surveyor caught would face the disciplinary committee and may loose his or her practice along with loosing integrity. Therefore, I beseech members to desist from unethical practices that may dent their image”.

Oyo state Chairman of Association of Private Practicing Surveyors of Nigeria (APPSN), Surveyor Ademola Oguntade said the aim of the seminar was to ensure that members practice ethically for the sustainability of the profession.

“As each year begins,  new Surveyors are inducted into the practice of surveying profession. The certificate to practice is a reality of their dream come true and the freedom that comes with which is the liberty to work for themselves without reporting to a supervisor or a superior. More so, it is also believed that private practice brings economic freedom which premise on the perception that private practice is lucrative and thus to engage in private practice is to enjoy prosperity” he said.

Surveyor Oguntade added, “therefore, the association in her bid to ensure that members practice ethically for the sustainability of the profession and prosperity of members thus decided to be organizing seminar annually to sensitize members and engage them for these objectives to be attained”.

Surveyor Oguntade  then  urged members of  the association” to always practice in line with ethics of the profession by shunning gratifications and other unethical practices. “

“I therefore advice members to emulate the good examples knowing fully well that we are here today but our children will be here tomorrow. Therefore, if we want a better tomorrow for our children we should be mindful of our actions now. In our practice, let us think beyond ‘self’, let us think of others. Our personal interest should not undermine the collective interest. Let us learn to delay gratification if we heed these advices we not sacrifice ethics for material gain. Remember a practice built on an unethical foundation will surely crumble like a pack of card”, he said.

Former Oyo state Surveyor-General,  Surveyor Olufemi Akintola in his  paper titled, “Professional malpractices in the surveying profession – Causes and remedy” tasked the association members to always be ready to exercise their duties by providing accurate date when needed.

“As a Surveyor, your role is very important. You are the one that can tell the Governor where he will govern. You are the one that can tell the Chairman of the Local Government where he can govern. Any attempt to take an inch outside that geographical area, there will be problem. Who determines the landmass, it is you, so Surveyor role is very important in the political, social and economic development in the society. You should work in relation to the ethical standards. Don’t allow yourselves to be impersonated. “

Surveyor Afolabi Solesi while delivering his paper titled, “Sustainable practice – A challenge and a responsibility for Surveyors urged members to always work in accordance with the code of conduct and ethics of the profession.

At the seminar, no fewer than two hundred private practicing surveyors were trained in various ethical standards of the profession.


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