(TRIBUTE) Letter To My Late Boss Tukur Abdulrahman

Prayers accordingnto Islamic rites for late New Nigerian Newspaper's MD, Tukur Abdulrahman

Looking back  over the few years, it is so easy to see why you were my favorite boss. But at that time, I didn’t have enough experience to know how special you were.

Please accept this letter as my way of honouring you for the positive impact you made on my life.

These are the few points that I remember:

Working for you was fun, though we worked hard but we also laughed and enjoyed the day.

You gave me a routine big job – This was an opportunity to show you my best at work. You told me that you were excited to have me as your staff and you seemed sincere. It was probably a risk to put me in that role, but you never acted concerned about that.

Your approach to me was always as a coach: You explained expectations and you always patiently answered my questions. You were available if I needed help, you also encouraged all of us to work together and be a true team.

You were genuinely interested in my ideas: You listened to them and encouraged me to pursue them. If they were bad ideas, you let me figure them out myself.

You gave me praises when I performed well:  When I did something really well, you were always telling me well done. Your words were encouraging and they built my confidence. You said thank you often as if I wasn’t paid for the job.

You taught me not to dominate conversation:- You didn’t dominate a conversation or talk over people. Instead, you were always eager to understand others regardless of the status concerned. That is your humble self, Malam Tukur Abdulrahman.

You were patient and understanding:- When I went through difficult times, I mean my life outside of  work, you always care to know, remembered the things that are important and also asked constantly to see how things were going.

You were a role model: You mentored me in the skills and the values of a great leader, the more I observed you, the more I aspired to be like you.

Most bosses teach their subordinates how to be efficient at work but you taught us what was more important – how to be happier at work.

Other bosses give orders,  you gave direction.
Others bosses give targets, you gave us a visions.
Others bosses lead by authority but you  led us by respect.

Malam Tukur Abdulrahman, my  boss, brother, dad certainly, the precious memories of you will remain in our hearts, we accept that this is your time ours will surely come one day.

In everything, I can say Allah gives and takes (SWT). Rare Oga, you were one of a kind. Farewell my boss like no other.

May Allah grant you everlasting peace

Yours faithful Secretary

Sakinat Alamutu


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