How Sports Betting Is Ruining Future Of Nigerian Youth

Sports Betting



Chinedu Udeh , a 200 level student of Political Science Department was seen loitering about. It’s two days to the semester examination and he has not paid his semester dues and school fees.

He felt sorry for himself. He was deeply depressed as he wasn’t able to take his exams because he used his school fees to play sports bet and he can’t call his parents or any of his relations.

This has been the case of some unserious students who use even their last money to play bet with the hope of getting more money. This has become popular among the youths, even most primary and secondary school students engage in betting. Statistics have shown that 70 per cent  of Nigerian youths are betting fanatics.

In every corner or side of the streets in Nigeria, you will always see guys and girls who engage in betting. When one goes to these places where they play their bet, you need to see the passion in the eyes of the players as if they are under one spell or juju.

We hear them saying “football betting has helped reduce crime rate in the country.” And I am like, really? What crime has it reduced? Maybe someone should explain the meaning of crime to me. Is sports betting not gambling? Williams Bolutho said “A gambler is nothing but a man who makes his living out of hope”.

Other than the quick cash you get from football betting, it also affects the lives of our youths negatively.

Poverty for example, sports betting can turn to a dangerous two-way street when you least expect it. One minute you are rich and the next minute you play another game you are down to your last kobo.

Many who engage in sports betting believe that one day luck will fall upon them and they will become millionaires, which is a wrong mentality about wealth. Also, sports betting has led to health complications. Imagine losing a huge amount of money on sports betting, the person will be so depressed and might in some cases leads to high blood pressure and even insanity.

Sports betting also encourages laziness among youths. It makes youths so lazy that they forget about doing anything meaningful but betting. Most of them don’t even take their baths because they are busy gambling. In fact, sports betting is a waste of financial resources.

Young people sell and may even use their school fees and at the end won’t gain anything.

Have you ever wondered if those betting centres were created by humans? Those that lack vision, creativity, initiative and insight may be behind them.

If Bill Gates played sport betting, will there be Microsoft or if Mark Zukerberg was busy wasting his time searching for the best betting site, would there be Facebook?

There would be no Dangote, Raymond Dokpesi, Linda Ikeji and other personalities if they had engaged in sports betting. No doubt sports betting can pay your bills for a while when you are lucky to win, but it is never a reliable source of income or wealth.


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