Crazy Jeans Now In Vogue

Crazy jeans


The world of fashion is often baffling to ordinary people and so often when new trends that seem utterly ridiculous come out, they catch many fashion freaks attention.

Take for example, the current obsession with “crazy jeans”. You can barely walk down on any street without seeing bare knees, calves and thighs.

“Crazy jeans” has become a serious obsession and many have abused it. This jeans started innocently with just a little cut at the knee back in the days.

In a normal case the smallest tear on one’s clothes would mean it should be tossed away or mended, but the fashion industry created a style out of it.

The style back then was a crazy style, these days, it has been abused and has gone out of hand, it has now become an excuse to show off thighs immorally.

In an interview with a Jacinta Okafor, a student of Kaduna State University (KASU), she said “the trend has the good ones which can be worn and you will still look good and descent, but students go for the ones that get to their laps”.


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