Bauchi Reverses Misconduct Trend In Land Administration

Governor Abubakar of Bauchi State
Bauchi State Government has taken necessary measures to reverse the trend of misconducts in land administration as part of government’s efforts to sanitize the system to safeguard public trust and restore public confidence in obtaining genuine land tittles in the state.
Director General Bauchi State Geographic Information Service (BAGIES), Hon. Baba Abubakar Suleiman stated this while interacting with stake holders in the administration of land in the state that comprises land vendors and staffers of the agency in Bauchi.
Hon. Baba Suleiman said that government has introduced new policies in lands administration in the state, as part of its effort to reduce lots of problems bedeviling land administration in the state.
The Director General explained that Governor Abubakar has serious concern regarding misconduct within the land sector, hence his government’s resolve to make certain changes in the system.
To this end, he said, the governor has approved review of all processes of land acquisition right from the application form, as new policy tagged ‘Compensation Draw Back Programme’ has been approved to restructure and sustain development plan in land allocation and safeguard public trust.
“The public lost confidence in the system because of fraudulent activities perpetuated between 1999 to date and the government is determine to reverse that trend and Alhamdu-lillahi today we have started to restore the confidence of the people”.
Hon. Baba Suleiman argued that the successful execution of the state government’s new policy will significantly reduce many court cases on land allocation in the state.
According to him, the agency will soon commence registration of land vendors and properties as part of the efforts to restore sanity, public confidence and transparency to the people acquiring land and building properties across the state.
 He said, “Under the new arrangement people will be asked to register their properties and re-certificate their certificates, even people with traditional customary tittles, one room apartment will be given the opportunity to register their portion and get certificate of occupancy”.
Land vendors who spoke at the interactive session thanked the state government for its effort to sanitize the system, and pledged their cooperation in this regard, as they advised the government to sensitize public before the commencement of the programme.


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