2019: ANRP Ready To Match APC, PDP In Oyo State – Aspirant


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

The Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party, (ANRP) governorship aspirant in Oyo State, Mr Olalekan Ayorinde on Thursday declared that the party is ready to match the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2019.

Mr Ayorinde said this during a chat with newsmen in Ibadan on his governorship ambition and  his plans to make Oyo state and its people reap real dividend of democracy if elected as the state governor come 2019.

Stressing that his governorship ambition is not a do or die affair, the ANRP governorship aspirant disclosed that he had all what it takes to be the next governor of Oyo state, saying,” I have the quality to become Oyo state governor”

“I have the quality to become Oyo state governor. Leadership in Nigeria is not what it should be. Nigeria leaders do not usually take responsibilities. I have the leadership quality, I have the antecedent, I have the ability to gather people” he said.

Emphasizing that his governorship ambition was not a do or die affair, Mr Ayorinde said to him, politics is not a competition but for the betterment of the people, adding , “if there is another person that can do it better, let God make it to be”

Speaking on some of his plans for Oyo state people if elected as the next governor, the ANRP governorship aspirant disclosed that if elected as the next Oyo state
governor, his administration will be paying workers in the state every 15days, adding that a situation whereby workers’ salaries are paid on monthly basis  encourages high level of corruption, embezzlement and fraud.

Mr Ayorinde while promising to run. an all inclusive government that will encourage local contents added that his administration will also ensure jobs creation, with power generation as the hallmark of his government.

“We are not going to bring monthly payment. Workers will not be paid at the end of the month. The workers will get their pay in 15 days. The 30 days is too long to get paid before you feed your family members. That is too long. That encourages corruption. That is too long, we are not going to pay after 30 days, it is going to be 15 days. How can you tell someone to wait for 30 days before he can feed his children, wife and other family members”.

He added that his administration  will ensure ” prompt payment of workers salaries, the next is power generation. Generation of electricity. You said there is no money but governors are riding G Wagon, they build houses. We will do a better job for our children. This is not job of only one person. So when we bring electricity, the welders will not ride Okada again, then the artisans will not ride Okada again. “

On education and health sectors, , the ANRP governorship aspirant said, “in the area of education, our teachers work under the harsh condition, the teachers are not being paid, a teacher that is not paid for four months will forget integrity. We need to improve the lives and the competence of the workers.” and that “we have outdated hospitals in Oyo state visit Adeoyo hospital and others they are outdated. We need new ones , we need ambulances. It is the responsibility if the government to secure and save the lives of the people”.


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