100 Years Old Dies In SARS Custody, Family Seeks Investigation




The families of late Malam Musa Ardo (Filani Dankali) of Gedege Village in Kubau Local Government Area of Kaduna State have demanded the full investigation on the illegal Arrest, detention and the circumstances leading to his death in the custody of SARS Kano State.


In a petition filed by “Al Qasim Ja’afar and Co. (Gidado chambers) dated 16th July, 2018 and signed by Barrister Hussaini Abdu, addressed to Kano State Commissioner of Police on request for the full details of the SARS action as well as the autopsy reports.


The petition reads “it is evident that Alh Musa Kano who is with NNPC Kano Depot has connived with Auwal, Umar and one other SARS Officer to cause the arrest and detention of the deceased as to hatch plans to eliminate him which they succeeded in doing. This amounts to flagrant violation of the deceased right to life, beside no cogent e explanations was given to either the deceased family or their lawyers on same”.



It further seek for an unreserved apology for the wrongful arrest, detention and causing the death of Mal. Musa Ardo at SARS custody to the members of the deceased family.



“The nominal complaint Alh. Musa of NNPC Kano Depot as all the three (3) Police Officers involved in the arrest and detention of the deceased should be immediately apprehended and interrogated for their role in conniving to cause the death of the deceased.



According to the petition, the deceased is a Fulani leader as well a hunter and by virtue of hunting profession people approach his seeking protection and prayers.



Alh. Musa visited the deceased in his resident at Gedege village in Kubau Local Gov’t Area of Kaduna State and sought for a protection charm (Layar Bata) which they negotiated at the cost of N30,000.00 only wherein Alh. Musa Kano paid and collected same and left for Kano after informing them all the guidelines involved that must be adhered to strictly failure to abide he will loss the charm.



To the amazement of Late Malam Musa Ardo after 2 days and before the completion of the directives given, Alh. Musa of NNPC Depot Kano returned to him complaining that the charm has disappeared, he demanded for another charm in which the deceased perceived that as a clever way of cheating to secure another one for free but the deceased insisted that Alh. Musa should bring back the already charm given to him to claim his money, this resulted to a problem between them.



The complainant Alh. Musa after some days returned to the deceased in company of a police Officer from SARS Office, Kano by name Auwal and make 3 trips in an effort to force the deceased to accept the money Alh. Musa is claiming he give N1,600,000.0 later the said it was N2,000,000.00. While the deceased is rejecting this claim in totality.



One of the deceased Son “Shehu Musa” further explained that after his Late Father was taken to Kano himself and one of his brother followed back on Tuesday where they met their father in good condition of health and the Officers namely Auwal and Umar were trying to force them to accept that they will pay the sum of N2,000,000.00 as claimed by Alh. Musa of NNPC Depot Kano which  they refused.

But they said they have senior who is the only person that can decide what will be done, they will go back home and tell their elder brother the Filani the situation and return with the resolution.



Suprinsingly he said, on Wednesday 11th July, 2018 he received many calls from Auwal and Umar that we should come to Kano, I told them that our elder brother is on his way back, we are waiting for him and on Thursday they called again telling me that our Father is seriously sick, we should hurry and come but we quickly contact our lawyer, he assigned one lawyer to follow us to Kano on arrival, we were told that our Father has died on Wednesday and his corpse was deposited at Murtala Mohammed teaching Hospital kano.


“The Police officer named Auwal told me to go back, they will bury him as all arraignment has been concluded for the burial in Kano.

When contacted on his mobile phone number, the complainants Alh. Musa of NNPC Depot Kano  didn’t ‘pick the call, but later he called with another number challenging me on how  I got his number and from where I got it? He insisted he was not going to talk to me on phone, he switched off his phone.


When contacted on phone, the PPRO Kano State Police Command, Majiya, confirmed the receipt of the petition and said that the issue was at the Chief Magistrate Court 30, sitting at Audu Bako Street, which  issued a bench of warrant, that is why he was arrested on criminal conspiracy and threat to one Alh. Musa’s life and before the arrest, they arrested one suspect who led them to arrest late Musa Ardo as he claimed.


On the circumstances of Musa Ardo’s death, the PPRO said he developed a sickness of vomiting and diarrhea, he was rush to Sir Sanusi Hospital at Hejeja road, Kano and later transpired to Murtala Mohammed Teaching Hospital, later he died on the same sickness and even the Police staying with him has become a patient as he also started vomiting and diarrhea at the time of filing this report he is still on admission in the hospital.


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