Supporters Club National Chairman Applauds Russia

Supporters club
 The Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup may have come and gone but members of the Nigeria Football Supporters Club are emphatic that memories of the 21stmundial would remain forever with her.
Indeed National Chairman of the Nigeria Football Supporters Club, Reverend Samuel Ikpea said the over five hundred members from Nigeria and lots more from different parts of the world thoroughly enjoyed their close to one month stay in the European Nation.
“For us in Nigeria Football Supporters Club Russia 2018 has given us a more interesting and unforgettable impression about the country. It was the smoothest we have had regarding Fans ID and other logistics. These and lots more were professionally sorted out before we discovered a very friendly and hospitable Russia” said Ikpea excitingly.
According to the Edo State – born National Chairman, Russians rubbished pre World Cup negative impressions through being friendly, accommodative and sincere in all their dealings with visitors throughout the World Cup.
Ikpea who applauded orderliness and discipline of Russians said most members are longing to visit the country again once such opportunity beckons.
“Our only regret was that our dear Super Eagles got eliminated from the World cup too early (Group stage) but the liveliness and accommodative nature of our hosts were great consolations. It is our strong wish that hosts of other major Sporting events emulate the Russian example towards creating the much needed friendship and unity through sports.
Ikpea also clarified that no authentic member of the Nigeria Supporters Club was stranded in Russia, explaining emphatically that their highly organized group ensured that members that went to Russia returned before last Sunday’s final between France and Croatia with the last batch scheduled to return July 19.
He also advised that henceforth, serialized group tickets should be bought by the Nigeria Football Federation to check recent experience of supporters standing in different positions in the stadium versus Argentina.
According to him, NFF’s decision to sell tickets in bits to supporters affected support for the Super Eagles.  


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