LPAY: NURHI Holds Sensitization Workshop For Journalists

Aisha Salihu Waziri. presenting a paper at the LPAY sensitization workshop in Kaduna on Tuesday July 17, 2018




The Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiatives (NURHI) in its bid at reaching the youth and adolescent with life saving information,  has sensitized Kaduna journalists  on its project,  the Life Planning for Adolescents and Youth (LPAY).

Presenting a paper at the sensitization workshop in Kaduna on Tuesday July 17, 2018,   Youth Focal Person, NURHI  Kaduna  office,  Aisha Salihu Waziri.

She explained that the key objectives of the  LPAY include providing them with key life saving and hold birth spacing  information.

“To meaningfully reach adolescent and youth  with life saving information  that will guide then to make informed  choices.

“To reach married adolescents and youth with child birth  spacing  informal to help them also reach their maximum potentials  in life,” she said.

She said that in the NURHI  phase 1 from 2009 to 2014, adolescent were not targeted  because percentage of sexually active did not desire to be pregnant.

But in the Phase two 2015 to 2020 it was included  because  of the huge population  of youth.

She said that for instance,  in Kaduna State,  about  three million out of seven million population are youth.

Salihu said that out of the  youth and adolescent  population,   42.2 per cent are sexually  active,  and some may even be exposed  to sexually  transmitted diseases.

She said that the  key priorities  of  LPAY include
improving service delivery,   quality and demand generation.

She said that some approaches that would  be adopted are supportive environment, improved quality of service,  expanded access to services
and demand generation.

“As a key stakeholders,   you have a role to ensure that the right information  is passed on to youth  and adolescents,” she tasked the youth.

A similar  sensitization,  organised by the Development Communications (DEVCOMS)  Network was held for Kaduna based bloggers on Monday,  July 16.


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