Murder At Dawn: Man Hacks Father To Death Over Cows

A young man in his late twenties is in Police custody in Minna for killing his biological father over alleged undue show of favouritism and partiality by his father in sharing the flock amongst his male children.
Abubakar Turuwa of Pissa village of Borgu in New Bussa area had in a fiss of fury rose against his father, Turuwa Ibrahim for showing undue favouritism to his younger brother in sharing of cows.
Trouble had begun when Turuwa Ibrahim had resolved to share his flock of cattle amongst his children. The sharing formulad however did not go down well with Abubakar, the elder son, who felt undeservedly subsumed, maligned and by passed in the sharing ratio.
Out of anger and pains, Abubakar was bitter and showed his displeasure with his father’s clear show of favouritism to his younger brother.
To settle scores with father for hoisting his younger brother over and above him in the allocation of what size of cows got to him as the elder son, Abubakar decided to teach the old man a bitter lesson.
While he expressed his angst, Abubakar took a step further to demonstrate his disgust against his father during a heated argument between them.
In a fiss of anger, Abubakar threw sanity to the winds, rushed to his room, got hold of his long machete. He drew it out of its sheathe and hacked his defenceless father with it several times.
After he was done with his deadly act, Abubakar moved out of his father’s house. But family members alerted those in the neighborhood for intervention as the old man layed sprawled on the ground in the pool of his own blood.
He was later over powered by locals and handed over to local vigilante members who tied him up and called in the Police.
The unperturbed and non repentant Abubakar was handed over to the Police and has been in their custody.
He has confessed to the crime even to the Police without any show of remorse or withdrawals. The Police in the state said as soon as they were done with their investigations, Abubakar would be prosecuted for manslaughter.


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