Analyst Calls For Urgent Correction Of Recent Federal Boards Appointments



An analyst and current affairs commentator, Malam Mustapha Ibrahim has called on the presidency to cancel the recent and controversial  federal boards appointments and embark on speedy  replacements of those who died before the release of the list.

He made the call in an interview with our correspondent in Kano,  lamenting that Nigerians are certainly confused with the current set of appointees where the list included many dead persons who died before the release of their names as members.

Malam Mustapha added that such appointments should be channelled to the state governors for optimum results because  the state governors  really  know who is eligible  to be appointed based on their merit and contributioun to the national development.

Commenting on the controversy that trailed the recent board appointments, Malam Mustapha Ibrahim disclosed that “the list was compiled long time ago and due to the president’s long stay at hospital for  medication, the said appointments was kept aside till now when Mr. President is back  where some of the appointees died  before the release of the list  where opposition exaggerated the matter which is not deliberate from the presidency”. He concluded.


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