I’m Proud Being A Military Personnel – 1 Div GOC



The General Officer Commanding, (GOC), 1 Mechanized Division, Kaduna, Maj-General Adeniyi Oyebade has said he is proud to be a military personnel because the profession is a service to the fatherland.

He made the assertion when he received members of the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, (NAWOJ), Kaduna State Chapter, in his office in Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria.

General Oyebade who asked the question that if the military were to be withdrawn from everywhere in the country and sent back to the Barracks, what will happen to the country, adding that If anything happens anywhere, the first place people run to is the barracks, wondering why.

“They know once they enter the barracks they’re secured,” he emphasized.

The GOC who commended the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Tukur Buratai for insisting on professializing the Nigeria Army(NA), said this has brought in discipline and better trained Soldiers who are making the country proud in their area of assignment.

General Oyebade disclosed that it is tough telling the wife of a soldier sorry, your husband is dead or your brother is dead. It’s tough. But beyond all this, he said, the military profession is still the best job in the world.

He further disclosed that as GOC having thousands of men under his command was no tea party; saying that there’s every likelyhood that an Officer is dying there and I have to prepare for it. So I prepare for this on daily basis.

“One of the hardest decision for me as General Officer Commanding, 1 Div is to give order or troup to deploy to some areas knowing full well that some may end up as casualties either wounded or killed.

“Sometimes its a difficult task to wake up in the morning to be informed that an Officer or a Soldier has died and we need to go and see the family.

“It is not an easy task to convey the news of the death of a soldier to the family especially the wives because women are soft hearten creatures that I have respect for.

“You know it’s a tough one telling the wife; sorry your husband is dead or your brother is dead, it’s tough. But beyond all this military profession is still the best job in the world because its service to the father land.

“We’re open to all organizations especially the women because we believe that women Journalists cover story correctly and truthfully.

They also take the human angle side of our profession, what happens at the home front, how do our children survive. How does our spouses managed to go through the stress of military and I think its a good partnership,” he said.

Speaking earlier, the Chairperson of NAWOJ, Mrs Juliet Oyoyo, said her organization is open to partnering the Division for effective reportage of its activities; and commended the GOC for granting audience to her Team even at a short notice despite his tight schedules.


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