46 Yr Old Deeper Life Pastor Arrested For Defiling 2 Year-Old Pupil



A  46 year old Pastor serving in Deeper Life Bible Church in Lagos, has been arrested by Police for allegedly defiling a two year old pupil of a private nursery school.


Identified as Adenekan Adegboyega, 46 years old, the suspect who is also a supervising teacher in the school was accused of having canal knowledge of the minor (name withheld) in the school premises.


The State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni who paraded the suspect at the command headquarters, Ikeja said the pastor who is a supervising teacher in Crisland School, defiled the little girl in the guise of teaching her sex education.

Owoseni said, the man was later arrested after the mother of the two year-old pupil lodged official complaint at Ikeja Police Division for defiling her daughter adding that preliminary investigation revealed that the teacher actually defiled the girl.


According to Adegboyega, on Friday, November 11, that he got a phone call from the pupil mother accused him of defiling her daughter.


He said: “immediately I picked the phone call of the girl and identified herself as the mother of one of the students in our school and accused me that I sexually abused her daughter and I asked a question that where did it happened.”


After much talking, the mother of the pupil told me that she want what transpired between me and her daughter to end, because she doesn’t want any other person to hear about the incident, that even the girl’s father was not aware.


Adegboyega added that, “when the mother of the pupil dropped her call, I was disturbed in my spirit and asked myself where this devil is coming from. Few minutes later she sends a text message to me, telling me to remain firm with her daughter because the girl she sees that her daughter respected me like her father.”


The teacher who claimed to be a pastor in deeper life bible church denied doing such a thing with the minor.


“Before God almighty I know nothing about the allegation leveled against me by the mother of the minor, I want to implore the Nigerian Police to do a thorough investigation because I am ready to surrender myself, but I know the God almighty that I serve will vindicate me because this a serious challenge for me.”


He however said, Even the class teacher of the girl denied such incident, claiming that the victim never left her custody that fateful day. I am married with children; I cannot do such a thing to a minor like that when I have my own children.


“ The allegation that I teach the girl sex education is not true, because I have never taught in the school I only supervise and walk round to make sure everything went well. “


The mother of the abused girl who spoke on condition of anonymity said, when she took her daughter to the toilet the little girl then told her someone put her ‘ Wiwi into her Wiwi’.


She said: “after we are done from the toilet, I asked her who the person his, my daughter then mention Mr. Adenekan’s name inside his office toilet truly she’s two but she could described things vividly.”

“After my daughter explained everything to me, I got the teacher’s phone number from the school and called him, initially I don’t want the issue to go out because of stigma against my daughter in the school.


Thereafter I confronted the teacher not threatened my daughter again, it was then he said I can go to anywhere and nobody would believe me, that even if I tell the management of the school, that they wouldn’t believe me”.


She added that it was confirmed at Mirabel Centre that the pupil has been abused.

“When i took my daughter to Mirabel Centre, it was revealed that my daughter has been abused”, the victim mother hinted.


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