2016: Nigerians should avoid overdependence on government – Dogara


2016:  Nigerians should avoid overdependence on government – Dogara
 By; Jacob Onjewu Dickson
The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara has urged Nigerians to avoid overdependence on government as we begin the New Year.
He gave the advice in a New Year message to the nation, signed by his Special Adviser (Media and Public Affairs), Turaki Hassan.
“On our part, the National Assembly must also go to work as the central institution of democracy through which the will of the people is expressed. As parliamentarians we can no longer afford to remain observers or mere onlookers but actors. Our work is more urgent than before because the change we seek must not be anchored on the quick sands of expediency but on the enduring solid rock of legislative frameworks that deal with corruption, eliminates gender based violence, strengthens democratic institutions, reinforces human rights and good governance. We must also not fail the nation in ensuring effective scrutiny of the National government to ensure implementation of all legislative frameworks,” he said.
In the message, he assured Nigerians that 2016 offers a real opportunity for change in the country.
He cited the pro – people 2016 Budget of President Buhari’s administration which is before the National Assembly and said “when passed into law and faithfully executed will not only lift the common man from abject poverty, it will also usher in the much needed opportunities for innovation and investment that are the engines of economic growth and prosperity.”
The Speaker who expressed hope that happy times will be here again, however maintained that, “the people must go to work to make it happen as government alone cannot solve all our problems”.
He said that, “democracy and Governments do not build nations but it’s rather citizens of democracy who must take up the tools of democracy and embrace the opportunities created by their government that build the nation of their dream.”
The Speaker urged all Nigerians to abhor the culture of passivity and apathy which only produces docile citizenry saying that, “if our people expects that CHANGE means to be docile and allow government alone to bring progress and build our nation, they expect what never was and never shall be.”
Dogara advised that it’s time Nigerians take responsibility for their own lives and work towards making Nigeria great again in order to avoid over dependence on government, saying that, “a democratic government should always depend on its citizens as the reverse will only amount to slavery”.
While suing for peace and unity among all Nigerians irrespective of regional, ethnic, political or religious affiliations, he urged the citizens to be security vigilant and support the fight against terrorism and sundry crimes in the country.
“As 2016 dawns with hopes anew, filled with promises of a brighter tomorrow; with courage, faith and great effort, we shall achieve all we desire. I wish all Nigerians a happy and prosperous New Year and pray that our nation attains greater heights in the New Year,” the speaker said.


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