Biafra agitation is to undermine Buhari’s administration – Sen. Shehu Sani


Biafra agitation is to undermine Buhari’s administration – Sen. Shehu Sani
Senator Shehu Sani has said the agitation for Biafra movement in Nigeria is a plan ‘B’ action being rolled out by Pro Jonathan’s men to undermine President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.
The Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial zone stated this while addressing Journalists in Kaduna on Monday.
According to the human right activist, “the new agitation for Biafra is a misguided, ill-conceive and ill-fated course. It is an ill-wind that does no good to those people who are blowing it or to Nigeria as a whole.
“The Biafra agitation is a new attempt to destroy President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration and to ignite a national conflict and cause chaos, pandemonium and confusion in the country.
“I see it as a plan ‘B’ action of pro Jonathan forces who have lost election in 2015 national election. I will also say that the agitation is not reflective of the interest and generality of the Igbo people or the South East.
“The Igbos have made tremendous progress since after the civil war. They have made successes as businessmen, as entrepreneurs, as academics and as politicians. Nigeria is today blessed by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Igbos and the people of the South East and their future is better guaranteed and sustained within a united Nigeria.
“The secessionist activities of the Biafran group is hopeless course by people in search of attention. It has nothing to deliver to Nigerians or to people of the South Eastern part of Nigeria.
“They are simply attempting to wake up a dead course. I can also say that the resurgence of Biafra is symbolic of lost of lessons of our history.
“Those who are attempting to wake up the Biafran course are made up of three categories of people. The first are young men who happened to have no knowledge of what happened during the Nigeria civil war, the tragedy, the suffering and the hardship that Nigerians passed through. The second category are desperate forces hiding behind the Biafran agitation to undermine our national unity and attempt to destroy the Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.
“And the third group are simply war mongers who want crisis in an era of peace and progress. So I will say this in clear terms: Nigeriaia is an indivisible entity under the green white green and we have since gone beyond the issue of the civil war.
“But also, the people of the South East and the Igbos have the right within the ambit of our constitution to demand to be recognized and respected as equal partners in the Nigerian project”, he said.
He however cautioned that their agitation must be within the ambit of respect for the indivisibility of Nigeria and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
“As long as we will realize the change agenda, entrench good governance and run an all-inclusive government, the Biafran agitation will naturally fizzle out.
“So I will say in clear terms that Nigeria must be patient enough with President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. It is wrong for people to accuse him of not performing, taking cognizance of the rot in last sixteen years which he has inherited. We also have no reason to give excuses and lament the problem of Nigeria when Nigerians are desirous of change and progress” he stated.


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