100 Days In Office: Uba Sani Reels Out Achievements 



As part of the activities to mark 100 days in office, the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, Senator Uba Sani yesterday, attended a town hall meeting at Murtala Square, Kaduna. 

The governor, cited some of the projects he has done almost 100 days and some of the activities he intends to do in the next few days, noting that  during their  campaign, they promised the people and also assured that they will carry everyone along in the their government.

He expressed, “most of the projects we decided to implement are ideas and  suggestions  given to us during our campaign that is why we are here to tell you how far we’ve  gone.”

Also,  he added that, “our  administration is open government    to listen your own suggestions and advice as well as recommendation where necessary.”

Senator Uba  said, “we  have already started the projects, where they are going to build houses that will be occupied by less privileged, vulnerable persons and underserved within our society and those houses will be given  free within our society.”

He informed the stakeholders that they are going to support with at least 600 boreholes and scholarship to 1,000 orphans across Kaduna, and also support businesses, particularly the downtrodden who are in small businesses, hence eradicating poverty.

The governor believes that  every community needs water, assuring that the project is already going on as all will end in December.

Sani  spoke on major institutions in the state, explaining that,  “we have very brilliant students in the state who cannot afford to pay their school fees as most of them have chosen to go to other  state institutions for admission.

” I decided to reduce the school fees of our institutions. When they go to other states, they were not allowed to study the courses of their choice, because of the quota system. I believe governance is about service.”

Uba  said, “our  priority is to ensure that we have a society that is highly educated. If you give education to the children of the poor, they can be  better persons in future. This will go a long way as we make our children the best,  they can be anything in their lives.”


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