Your Products Can Be Exported To Any Part Of World If They Meet Our Standards, SON DG Tells Farmers, Manufacturers

PIC 1; Abba Adamu Bauchi (Galayen Bauchi) Regional Coordinator North West SON (center) presenting the welcome address during the one day general sensitization workshop on Good Manufacturing Practice & Service organized by Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) in Kaduna on Thursday April 25, 2019. Photo; BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS
The Director General of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON, Osita Aboloma has told manufacturers and farmers that any product that meets the required standard laid down by the organisation can be exported to any part of the works.
He stated this while fielding questions from newsmen on the sidelines of the One-Day General Sensitization  Workshop on Good Manufacturing Practices and Services in Kaduna on Thursday April 25, 2019.
“We let participants to know that our standards don’t differ from international standards, if it is okay according to our standards,  their products can be exported to other parts of the world,” he said.
Speaking further, he said that Nigerians should learn that farm products can yield more quality and quantity through standard practices.
Represented by the SON Regional Coordinator North West,  Abba Adamu (Galaje of Bauchi) Bauchi, he said that diversification of agriculture by the Federal Government is been championed by the organisation, hence it is introducing the best form of practices to the people.
“The sensitization tells participants that to get results from agriculture,  they must start with the soil and when that is done,  not only the production for our own consumption, will be achieved,  but for exports as well,” he added.
Also fielding questions, Deputy Director, Head, Standards SON Headquarters Abuja, Mr. Don-Pedro Papanye said that the sensitization is geared towards exchanging ideas with stakeholders for overall benefit of the nation.
He said that presentation on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and what are the benefits and GMP categories, which are 13 categories, was meant to remind their participants that adherence to the practices would enhance better productivity and good standards.
Earlier, during the sensitization, he told participants to report those who sell substandard products for them to act on.
“On my way to Kaduna yesterday (Wednesday), my driver said he was hungry and we stopped at Suleja for him to buy soft drinks and snacks, and we discovered all their soft drinks which is from a popular brand has expired,” he said.
Kaduna State SON Coordinator, Datti Danlami said that with better farming practices, Nigeria can earn more foreign exchange.
“We are implementors of government policy. To key into government policy, we must sensitize our people on agriculture and telling them that if they key into it, there are many advantages that will earn the country foreign exchange,” he added.
Abio!a  Fola-Bolumole CEO Promex Multi Services Ltd said that the general sensitization programme is a baby of SON in collaboration with their firm Promex to tell manufacturers and service providers that there is a healthy and sustainable way of doing business so that patronage continues.
“It tells manufacturers and services providers to engage in best practices, through which they can mprove on food security by improving the agricultural sector,” he added.
One of the participants, Olubunmi Adeleye, a baker from Bounties Bakeries said that she learnt how to preserve their products from the sensitization programme.
“Bread lifespan is supposed to be seven days but here we gave learnt that weather and places we store the bread like exposure to sun can make it expire before then,” she added.
Another participant, Muazu Usman from Tosco Foods said that  the lecture on agriculture sector was enlightening.
“We learnt about diversifying the economy as a nation and even as an individual. Even if I retire, I can fall back on agriculture.
“I will advise Nigerian not to stick to any particular source of income, but to diversify,” he advised..


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