Your Days Are Numbered, Gov Sani Bello Tells Corrupt Civil Servants

Governor Sani Bello of Niger State
The phenomenom of phantom names on the nominal roll of the Niger State Government who are drawing regular salaries and emoluments from the coffers of the state government may yet be a source of grave worry to governor Abubakar Sani Bello.
In a direct reference to the hydra headed monster, Governor Sani Bello said those who are neck deep in the sharp practice of swindling the state of its meagre resources through smuggling in of fictitious and nonexisting names on the pay roll of the state would not be spared if apprehended.
He noted that even though he sympathises with the plights of all salary earners on the pay roll of the state for receiving peanuts as their wages, those who are cheating on the system are thieves and must be treated as economic sabortours.
Governor Sani Bello stated this on Tuesday in his message to workers during this year’s Worker’s Day celebration.
He acknowledged that though civil servants in the state were some of the very best in the country and should be compensated, but regreted that “we have few others whose activities and conducts leaves much to be desired. Their damages are overshadowing the excellent work of the majority who are doing good.
“I like the civil servants in Niger state and I pity them because they work so hard and they receive peanuts at the end of the month however we have very few whose damages are overshadowing the work of the hardworking ones” he said.
Governor Sani Bello expressed concern over the need to genuinely compensate the hardworking civil servants in the state but noted that paucity of funds was limiting the ability of the state government.
He condemned civil servants who are corrupt and are exhibiting lackadaisical attitudes at their work places and urged them to repent and be dedicated to their work and show greater loyalty to the state.
He disclosed that it was a common knowledge that some of civil servants in the state were, through an illegal channel, collecting between two and three salary packages beside their rightful entitlement.
He warned that such sharp practice must stop forthwith. “If you know you are part of this, you must repent before you are caught” he warned.
The governor assured the workers in the state that the refund of the 7.5% contributory pension scheme would commence soon and that the implementation of workers promotion and other benefits would be prompt.


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