Women Interfaith Forum Proffers Solutions To Insecurity

File photo: General Coordinator Women Interfaith Council (WIC), Hajiya Amina Kazaure, (centre) on her right is Mrs. Elizabeth Abuk, Christian Coordinator and Hajiya Daharatu Ahmed as Muslim Coordinator (left).

By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

The Interfaith Forum of Muslim and Christian Women’s Association has  organized a think session with eminent religious scholars based in Kaduna with a call on followers of the two major religions to be knowledgeable of the Holy Books to avoid being used by selfish religious scholars for their evil intentions.

The two-day programme on the theme, “Working with youth interfaith leaders within Kaduna State to prevent/counter extremism online”, had religious scholars who spoke on issues that are of common perspectives but mostly misinterpreted thereby, causing mistrust between Christian and Muslim followers in the state.

These misinterpretations, according to the scholars have caused a lot of havoc, leading to the loss of lives and destruction of property in the state.

The two-day round table discussion had in attendance, Sheikh Ibrahim Kufena, Hassan A. Alfa, Rev. Dr. Sunday Ibrahim, among other clerics that were at hand throughout the programme.

The discussions centred on common myths in Islam that it is a violent religion and Muslims support terrorism and jihad is a call for violence, A true Muslim should not embrace anything that has to do with America and Islam oppressed women and forces them into a subordinate role.

The common myths in Christianity is that it is a foreign religion that was introduced by missionaries, Christians are immoral and the teachings of Christianity support immorality; and that Christians believe they are the only one who will be saved on judgment day.

The participants enjoined parents to always to inculcate true moral and religious teachings in the minds of the young ones, pointing out that as they grow up, they would be better equipped on the truth on how to conduct themselves without being mislead by peer group, friends or people who have evil motives to deceive them into evil behaviours.

Religious preachers should always preach the true teachings of the Holy Books in order to give their followers sound teaching of their religion to avoid being mislead into behaviours contrary to the true teachings.

The participants employed government to always consult religious bodies on issues that relate to religious issues, assuring that useful and practical solution would be given on the way forward.

The two religious leaders in the state should from time to time come together and discuss issues of importance with a view to avert possible and slightest provocation that could lead to the destruction of lives and property.

Issues that lead to radicalization should  always be identified with a view of identifying the problems and possible solutions proffered.

The meeting expressed displeasure that the entire North is being ravaged by armed bandits, kidnapping, herdsmen/farmers clashes, cattle rustling, among other social vices that have become the order of the day. They agreed that concerted efforts must be made by government towards freeing the region from any form of social vices.

Most of those who spoke to our correspondent expressed joy at the level of understanding reached by all participants, assuring that with every high sense of patriotism, the region and the country by extension would be free all forms of social vices that have stood in the way of understanding, peace, unity and development in the country.


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