We Have Enough Megawatts For Stable Electricity Supply In Kaduna Region – GM Transmission


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

General Manager, Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Kaduna region, Engineer Idris Lawal Alim, has assured that the transmission company has enough energy to ensure stable power supply to Kaduna, Kano, Jigawa, Zamfara, Katsina and Niger Republic.

This is coming as a result of the epileptic power supply to the people of the region are suffering despite the reportedly huge increase in power generation and the willingness of the people to pay their bills.

Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company, KAEDCO, has been accused of fraudulent estimated billing, the suspected fraud in the metering of consumers, amongst many other complains.

A statement issued by the convener, Comrade Yusuf Amoke of Coalition of Civil Society Groups when they visited the General Manager aimed to uproot the epileptic power supply in the region, the GM said, “We have enough Mega Watts that could ensure stable power supply in the region comprising Kano, Kaduna, Zamfara, Jigawa, Katsina and Niger Republic.

“Transmission is not happy that people are in darkness without power supply.”

Asked on the problems encountered between Kaduna electricity Distribution Company and consumers on the repairs of transformer and the issue of cable, he said, “It is not the duty of consumers to be taxed to gather money for the repairs of transformer or purchase of cables but it the duty of consumers to pay electricity bills they have duly consumed.”

Speaking on the alleged fraudulent estimated billing, the General Manager observed that the best way was Electricity Distribution Company to give consumers meters as the only way to curb fraudulent estimated billing consumers always complained of.

The convener of the meeting of Civil Society Groups with management of Kaduna Transmission Company of Nigeria and Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company said, “To prove that they have power in abundance to service Kaduna with minimum of 18 hours uninterrupted supply, they took us to their control station and showed us the amount of power left that was not picked by KAEDCO, which when accumulated without use could cause damage to their equipment, a transformer that caught fire as a result was shown to us.

“They (Transmission) took us round their plant and showed us some newly installed transformers serving as backup incase of breakdown or fault and others were redundant. They made us to understand that their transmission cables have the capacity to deliver the required power only if KAEDCO would be ready to take, even though they are presently expanding carry capacity of their supply lines to meet up with future demands . This countered the allegations of non capacity to take and deliver power.

“TCN simply said they do not have the mandate to supply power to homes, they only supply to Distribution Companies which are Kaduna and Kano Distribution Companies. They went further to explain that there are communities been served directly through the 33kva lines, on those lines, KAEDCO are to build injections substations in order to control the communities to take power to but because of their unwillingness to expand their infrastructure, they refused to take control of those lines. Despite that, they still wait for the instructions of KAEDCO as to where and when to supply the power to before doing so.

“We were further informed that the refusal of KAEDCO to meter every home is simply because a chunk of their resources come from homes without meter that are billed on estimated billing system.”

Flowing Civil Society Groups visit and meeting with the top Management of the Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company, KAEDCO, he said the management of KAEDCO pushed the blame to the Transmission Company of Nigeria that, “TCN does not supply them adequate power sufficient to distribute to the people of Kaduna.

“TCN’s installments do not have the capacity to carry and supply them with the needed power.

“TCN takes and controls some of the Mega Watt allocated to Kaduna by supplying them to other places with less need.”

“We the Coalition of Civil Society Groups call on the people of Kaduna to take note of the allegations and counter allegations as we arrange for an open tripartite meeting where the truth will be told and we will hold defaulting company responsible and accountable with assurance of improved and sustained power supply, while we set up mechanisms to checkmate their excesses,” the statement explained.


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