We Are Set To Recall Shehu Sani – Group

Distinguished Senator Shehu Sani


A group, under the auspices of Concerned Indigenes of Kaduna Central Senatorial, has said it is ready to initiate a recall process against Senator Shehu Sani, representing the zone, for his consistent criticism of President Muhammadu Buhari, even as the Senator has described them as amorphous and fake group who are errand boys of Governor Nasiru el-Rufai.

Addressing a press conference on Monday in Kaduna, Aliyu Saidu who spoke on behalf of the ‘Concerned Indigenes of Kaduna Central’ said, “We hereby inform the world that we shall be exercising our available constitutional options by initiating a recall process against Senator Shehu Sani.

“We the people of Kaduna Central cannot afford to wait till 2019. We are ready to correct this anomaly through recall. This will send a strong message that the people of Kaduna Central will never again entrust their destiny in the hands of any representative ,who is willing to ignore their needs in order to appease to a political godfather elsewhere.

“As law abiding citizens aware of our own rights, we are ready to pursue this recall process with relentless commitment. Senator Shehu Sani has nothing to fear except his own record.

“For three years he has conspired with the enemies of his people,his party and president while pandering to a corrupt cabal who are holding our country to ransom, and for three years the people of Kaduna Central have been suffering under his utterly incompetent and scandalous representation at the senate.”

Aliyu, who claimed to be Senator Sani Deputy Director General of his campaign team, added that, the Senator’s first “assignment was to ridicule the president’s wife during inauguration and will later conspire against the President and the party  in the national assembly leadership elections, and in doing so, becoming a prominent figure in a senate that is committed to undermining every honest effort of the Buhari administration, against the will of his constituents.”

According to him, “those who know Senator Shehu Sani are not surprised by this turn of events, knowing the rogue senator as a man who made his way through deceit, blackmail and subterfuge while hiding behind a veneer of human rights activism.

“What is surprising is that, instead of investing his legislative resources and privileges towards deepening our legislative culture and uplifting the conditions of his constituents, he becomes the foster boy of President Buhari’s enemies, always amplifying the challenges we are facing while ignoring the many progress the Buhari-led administration is making in order to portray the government as incompetent and clueless.

“We in Kaduna Central will understand if Senator Shehu Sani restricts his diatribe against Governor el-Rufai, considering the senator’s blind antagonism towards his state governor. The governor has so far responded to Senator Shehu Sani’s insults with stoic silence, never allowing himself to be distracted as he put Kaduna State firmly on the path to sustainable progress and long-term prosperity.”


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