We Are Poised At Ensuring Kaduna Residents Are Healthy, Productive – el-Rufai



Kaduna State Government led by Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai on Thursday said its goal was to invest in health and other sectors to ensure that residents of the state are healthy, productive and competitive.

The Commissioner for Health and Human Services, Kaduna State, Dr. Paul Dogo Makama said this at 1st Quarterly Interactive Forum for Health Sector Performance Review held in Kaduna.

He explained that the allocation to the health sector has increased steadily from 7.5% in 2016, 11.5% in 2017 to 16% in 2018 of the total budget, and have not only met but have exceeded the Abuja declaration to allocating 15% of total budget to health.

Makama said 1,240 newly recruited medical professionals have been deployed, “this has improved the Human Resource  situation of our general hospitals and better quality of services,” he said.

He further said, they have rendered assistance to the elderly patients from 70 years and above that have diabetes, hypertension with very good drugs during clinic visit and if admitted to hospital the programme provides them with money to pay the admission fees.

He disclosed that government is investing a lot to raise the accreditation status of  training schools and the College of Midwifery Tudun Wada in Kaduna was given full accreditation.

He noted that, they have started house to house search for active tuberculosis in order to curb the spread of the disease by undetected active TB cases within communities.

He appealed to residents to improve on their health seeking behavior especially pregnant women and children.

He urged all pregnant women to deliver in health facilities and all children to be fully immunized against the killer diseases.

He called on residents in the communities to take squarely the responsibility of  health by maintaining good level of personal and environmental hygiene.

“Support and participate in the contributory health insurance scheme once it is launched hence to be more committed to the well being of our patients,” he added.

In a remark, the chairman, Kaduna State Maternal Health Care Accountability Mechanism (KADMAM), Alhaji Mustapha Jumare said the aim of the forum is to be able to interact with all the three senatorial  zones that  are invited to represent their zones.

The chairman urged the senatorial zones to interact and facilitate, communicate,  coordinate and forwards the outcome to the  Kaduna State Government for necessary actions on the development of Health Sector in the state.

The health stakeholders in the state, traditional rulers, civil society organisations (CSOs), the media and the general public had the opportunity to get firsthand report from all MDAs.

Questions and suggestions on healthcare programmes of Kaduna State Government were asked.

It was a holistic review of budget implementation and the impact of Kaduna State Government’s programmes and policies on  health were discussed.


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