Tragedy! Man Kills Self After Butchering Wife To Death, Injuring Step Daughter


By; BAYO AKAMO. Ibadan

Tragedy struck on Thursday in Akanran  community in the Ona Ara Local Government Area of Ibadan, Oyo State when a man  identified as Bonga Augustus, axed his wife to death, inflicted serious injuries on his step-daughter and as well a axed himself to death.

New Nigerian gathered that Banga, said to be a Ghanaian was residing at Baba Ijebu Village, Akanran, with his wife, Margaret (an Igede woman from Benue State).

Sources said trouble started between the Ghanaian, a farmer and his wife following  a perceived little misunderstanding which later snowballed into free for all.

According to a neighbour in the community, the attention of residents in the area was drawn into their apartment by a loud scream from Bonga’s room around 3.00 a.m, adding, “before we got there to know what was happening, what we saw was that Bonga has used an axe to injure his wife.

“We saw him using the axe to stab the woman and we could not help as he used the same axe to scare us. At a point, the intestine of the woman started coming out of her stomach. Then her step-daughter who had been helpless, ran close to the man but she was also injured wth various degrees of injuries that affected her face and spinal cord. She has been rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.” a source said

The source stressed, ” it was when the woman finally gave up the ghost that we gathered round the man preventing him from running away and at that point, he used the same axe to rip off his own stomach and his intestine started coming out.”

” We then called the Community Head to inform him and it was him that informed the Police at Akanran. The man just died few minutes ago inside Akanran Police Division Station as we are waiting for a bus to convey them to the hospital”.

Another eye witness account said, “we went to a night vigil with the daughter of the woman who is bearing Racheal. She is 16 years old and she wil be sitting for her WEAC next year. She just screamed aloud when she saw what happened between her mother and her step- father but she could not help the situation as she was also attacked by the man.”

” The man used the axe to stab her on the face and back, and immediately the husband noticed that his wife had died due to the injuries she sustained, he also started using the axe to stab himself in the stomach until his intestine started coming out. He later died at the Akanran Police Station”.

Oyo state Police Public Relations Officer, (PPRO), SP Adekunle Ajisebutu while confirming the incident, said “the incident is true. The case is under investigation”.


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