Trado-medic Exposes Father, Daughter Illicit Affair During Failed Chid Labour

Attempts by a father to conceal the illicit affair between him and his biological daughter has been exposed by a trado medical home due to the inability of the girl to deliver during child labour.
The victim, named Raliat Ibitoye, 14 years old, had allegedly been sexually abused severally by her father at their residence located on No. 9 Olulu Close. Ketu in  Epe area of Lagos State.
In order to cover his tracks, the suspect, one Oluwole Ibitoye, according to reports, married off the girl to one Moses Okrupke.
Unaware of the dirty deal that had transpired between father and daughter, Moses was said to have happily married the girl and  impregnated her.
As reliably gathered, the lid was however blown open when the teenage mother suffered difficulties  for many days when she was about to deliver.
Consequently, it was learnt that she was taken to a trado-medical home within Epe area, where she revealed all that transpired between her and the father.
The Commissioner of Police Lagos Command, Edgal Imohimi, who confirmed the incident Tuesday at the Command’s headquarters, said the matter was reported to the police by a good Samaritan.
” This is a case of defilement reported on behalf of Raliat Ibitoye ” f” fourteen (14) yrs of age of No.9 Olulu Close, Ketu Epe Lagos against her father one Oluwole Ibitoye and Moses Okrukpe.
It won’t be out of place to say that the survivor Raliat Ibitoye suffered double jeopardy in the hands of fate being that her father Oluwole Ibitoye had been sexually abusing her, when he was done with her, he married her off to Moses Okrukpe who now got her pregnant.
The cat was let out of the bag when the survivor became pregnant and was in labour for many days without being able to deliver the baby. She was then taken to a Trado- medical home where she confessed that her father had been having sex with her before he now forced her into marriage with Moses Okrukpe perhaps to cover his tracks”, the police commissioner stated.
Speaking further, Edgal described the act child marriage, sexual abuse and exploitation of the highest order.
He added that the suspects will be charged to the appropriate court for the heinous crime.


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