Tambuwal In Minna, Says Nigeria In Dire Need Of Leadership Change

Gov Tambuwal

Presidential hopeful and sitting governor of Sokoto State, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal has said in Minna, Niger state that Nigeria was at the moment on the edge of a dangerous cliff and could slip into a deep gulf under the watchful eyes of the leadership of the All Progressive Congress led administration if allowed to continue in office beyond it’s first term of four years.
Tambuwal was in Minna to see Proples Democratic Party’s state executives and delegates prelude to the party’s forth coming presidential primary election.
A large crowd of party faithful had thronged the PDP Secretariat in the state capital to welcome the presidential hopeful just as praise singers and political vanguard groups scamper to catch the man’s attention for their own interests.
Tambuwal said Nigeria could not afford to continue grouping in the dark under a cluelessly led federal government even as ethnic and religious tension continue to rise to frightening levels every day, while insecurity, killings, poverty and decaying public infrastructure spread across states with alacrity.
He bemoaned what he described as continuous worrisome state of affairs in the country while the federal government watches with a clear sense of care free attitude.
“The major problems besetting us today in Nigeria are ethnic bigotry and religious dichotomies. The APC led central government has only succeeded in widening the gulf amobgst the diverse groups in Nigeria” he added.
Tambuwal who is seeking the mandates of PDP delegates from Niger state to help him actualise his presidential ambition, said his presidential ambition was altruistic and for the good of all citizens home and abroad.
“I am offering myself to serve in the overall national interest. It is my personal sacrifice to Nigeria. It is not about myself that I offer to contest but for my dear country and it’s people” he explained further.
The presidential hopeful said while fielding questions from newsmen that Nigeria must be fixed beyond such jaundiced contraptions and myopia of the APC style of governance.
“We should not all continue to fold our arms and allow misfits and deceitful persons to ruin this country. The APC led government has failed Nigerians in so many ways in so short a time” he said.
He promised that if given the chance, he would give every segment of the Nigerian population a better sense of belonging. “Every ethnic grouping in Nigeria would have it’s sense of pride and belonging as it should be” he assured.
Speaking on why he ditched the APC, governor Wazuri Tambuwal said he left the PDP earlier on account of impunity and abuse of rule of law. “But it is regrettable that the ruling All Progressive Congress is now a worst culprit of the same tendencies which made us leave the PDP”.
“What you have in the APC today are not only instances of maladministration, nepotism, bad leadership and abuse of the rule of law, but all sorts of bad things” he added.
Tambuwal said he returned to his former party because the PDP has not only learnt it’s lesson, but the party was now well positioned and streaming back to reckoning.
He said he was not opposed to anywhere the leadership of the party fixed as venue for it’s planned national convention just as he hailed the party’s screening exercise for it’s presidential aspirants. He said the exercise was foul free.


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