SOKAPU Condemns Killing In Nimdem Village

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Danjuma La’ah, Senator representing Southern Kaduna


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), has condemned in strong terms the attack on Nimdem village of Godogodo district in Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State leading to the gruesome murder of four and injuring 10 people.

The union noted that the attack has left them wondering why people who had gathered peacefully for a joyful Christmas carols in their village should be gunned down for no reasons.

Yakubu Kuzamani, National Public Relations Officer, SOKAPU, in a statement issued called on the security agencies to arrest the terrorists, reveal their identities and duely arraign them before the law.

The statement added,  “We also call on the government to visit the affected communities, the injured, the bereaved and to take care of the bills of the injured. The security agencies should not be satisfied with reactive but proactive measures to unearth the perpetrator(s) of the barbaric act.

“The Goska attack on the 24th of December, 2016 under the nose of the security agencies within a 24-hour curfew still resonates in its sheer avoidability and that of Nimdem evokes painful memory of the pains our people have had to bear.

“Unfortunately for us as a people, we have once again come under unprovoked and gruesome attack two days before Christmas. We refer to the sad attack that took place on Friday, 22 December 2017 at around 10 pm in Nimdem Village, Godogodo chiefdom in Jema’a local government area where four people were killed, 10 injured and currently receiving medical attention in Godogodo, while the seriously injured have been taken to the Throneroom hospital in Kafanchan and others now in JUTH Jos.

“Our call for proactive measures is also coming against the backdrop of the wanton carnage that went on and is still going on in Chikun local government. This has lasted for months before security was decidedly moved into the area.

“Currently, 16 communities have been displaced as a result of increased killings from herdsmen, Kidnappers, cattle rustlers and Armed Robbers and the people have not only been displaced but are now taking refuge in different villages around Kankomi, Udawa, Damba and Kasaya villages. Unfortunately, daily attacks and kidnappings still continue in several villages in that axis and the hinterlands.”

The union urged the people of Southern Kaduna to remain highly security conscious as they celebrate this festive season and immediately report suspicious activities and individuals in whatever guise to the appropriate authority.

“SOKAPU urges all to continue to work for the peace of Southern Kaduna, Kaduna State and the country at large and keep strengthening the decade-old ideals of harmonious coexistence with everybody that we are known for.

“SOKAPU commends the security efforts made so far in curtailing these killings but regrets to note that these are all avoidable incidents that could have been averted with a sincere, robust and determined will from those constitutionally empowered to protect and defend our hapless and law-abiding people,” the statement explained.

While wishing the people of Kaduna state merry Christmas and a prosperous new year, SOKAPU condoles those that have been injured in the latest attack and prays for the peaceful repose of the souls of those that were killed.


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