SDP Rebranded, Strategizing For 2019 – Falae

Social Democratic Party (SDP) has said that it is now more formidable and it is swelling in membership as it repositions itself to win at all levels in Nigeria’s next general elections in 2019.
National Chairman of the party, Chief Olu Falae said the party was ready to sieze the reigns of power from those he described as unmerited persons in the corridors of power as  leaders.
Chief Olu Falae said in Minna during his visit to former military President, Ibrahim Badamasi Badamasi at his Uphill residence that Nigeria has never had it so bad than what Nigerians have been going through under the present administration of All Progressives Congress (APC)-led government.
Falae, a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), said his party, the SDP, has been building and planning as the alternative political party for Nigerians.
He lamented over the growing level of corruption in the country under the watchful eyes of the present administration which sarcastically prides itself as corruption fighter just as he described the level of insecurity and unemployment in the country as unprecedented in the history of Nigeria.
Chief Falae said growing insecurity, unemployment and neglect of the large population of the country were the major problems which have made Nigeria and Nigerians pitiable in the eyes of the world and comity of nations.
The National Chairman of the SDP who led other stalwarts of the party on the visit to the former military President at the weekend, said the SDP is the best alternative to the misrule being perpetrated by the governing All Progressive Congress led administration.
He noted that it is a misnomer for a government to claim to be fighting corruption when it is itself enmeshed in vicious circle of corrupt practices by it’s stalwarts.
“When SDP takes over the reigns of power, by the special grace of God, we will reduce corruption to the barest minumum. We will lead by example. We won’t claim we are are fighting corruption but live in it neck deep” he assured.
He argued that if a regime preaches integrity but on it’s flip side, it’s stalwarts steals public money, it is a mockery of the crusade it claims to be advocating or fighting.
He said corruption was now heavier than what it was before the advent of the present administration.
He decried the level of killings in the land, armed banditry, violence, kidnapping for ransom which has become the order of the day, armed robbery, growing loss of confidence amongst citizens and loss of self esteem amongst citizens as well as loss of national values as high points of a direction less government.
He therefore asked Nigerians to be wise enough beyond blind sentiments and crass judgement by voting out all misfits from public offices.
Chief Falae recalled how he was kidnapped in his farm by hoodlums who kept him out of circulation for four days in captivity but was lucky he came out alive,but noted that several hundred others are being kidnapped and killed in cold blood as a result of growing insecurity in the country for which the present administration has no answer for.
Falae assured that if SDP is voted into power, it would move the country out of it’s present quagmire and black wood.
He said the SDP would change the sad narratives of Nigeria just as he enjoined the Nigerian political class to smart out of it’s doldrums and save the country from apparent doom.
The National Chairman of the SDP explained that the visit to the former military President was to give respect to whom it is due for.
He cautioned the electoral umpire, the Independent Electoral Commission, (INEC) to be fair in it’s conducts and shun partisan support to those in government or be afraid of doing the right thing.
National leader of the party, Professor Jerry Gana, who was part of the entourage to the palatial residence of the former military President, described Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida as a detribalized leader who is a great legend, and founding father of the Social Democratic Party, (SDP) and icon of democracy in the country.
Prof. Gana said Nigeria was currently going through lots of hardship, no thanks to the misrule of the governing All Progressive Congress but promised that the SDP will unseat the present administration in 2019.
He vowed that the SDP would unseat the APC led government and therefore called on Nigerians to vote out the governing All Progressive Congress. He advised all citizens of voting age to obtain the permanent voter cards as the only tool to upstage the bad government.
Former Military President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, while welcoming the leader’s of the SDP to his house, commended them for jumping into the terrain.
He described the National Chairman of the party as a man of impeccable character. He said Falaye, Professors Gana, Alkali and other stalwarts of the SDP are Nigerians who have proved their worth in life without spots.
General Babangida praised the SDP and those in it’s fold and enjoined Nigerians to throw their lots for the party. He said the SDP was lucky to have such tasted eggheads and public administrators in it’s ranks.
“This is the first time that Nigerians must realise where we are now and rally round you, (the SDP) to rescue this great country to realise this objective by making it possible” he said.
Babangida added that Nigerians he had a lot of confidence in the SDP that it has all that is needed to make the desired difference and impact in government.
“I have never said this to any political party before now, I have great confidence in you and and I know it is realisable.”
The former military President called on young Nigerians to join the SDP because according to him, the party has promising features for Nigeria just as he vorched for those in the leadership of the SDP as people of sound integrity, purposeful leadership focus and mindsets for the good of the country.


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