Save The Children Urges Zamfara Govt To Sustain Social Protection Programme

Governor Abdulaziz Yari
Save the Children, a Department for International Development (DFID) sponsored intervention programme has called on the Zamfara State Government to sustain the Social Protection (SP) programme to support the vulnerable in the society.
The call was made by the Advocacy and Behavior Change Communication Officer, Zamfara State Field Officer, Hajia Fatima Musa Muhammad during a meeting on Media engagement platform to push for the  SP adoption, institutionalization and implementation.
Hajia Muhammad said if SP is sustained by the government, it will strengthen the capacity of the poor to protect their consumption and to support household investment in the assets required to manage and over come their situation.
She described SP as right and not be designed by some countries only as a service provided by public or private actors or as a personal favour from generous governors.
“There is lack of interest and indifference from citizens with respect to monitoring their government or those responsible for implementing SP programmes and holding them accountable”, she said.
Hajia Muhammad tasked the media to advocate for an adequate legal and institutional framework and also try to ensure that government actors respect the principles of equally and non discrimination by guaranteeing effective transparency, public participation and overall accountability in SP programmes.
” Media should regard SP as one of their top priorities in news and information. Promote transparency and access to information in SP programmes”, she tasked.
Earlier, the State Team Leader, Zamfara Field office, Malam Tanko Umar said SP remains one of the impetus for achieving development in any society.
He challenged the media to work towards the objectives of making the state government to adopt the SP programmes.
“If a government does not have the capacity to implement policies, citizens will not enjoy adequate and effective SP programmes and their human rights become vulnerable or even compromised”, he said.
The Save the children has expended over N2.5 Billion on Child Development Grant Programmr (CDGP) and other SP programmes since it inception in the state five years ago.


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