Road Safety Week: UN Calls For Solutions To Deaths Through Accidents

Boboye Oyeyemi, FRSC Boss


United Nations (UN) has called on the global community to speed up “Slow Down, Save Lives” and other road safety solutions through campaigns in order to save lives.

According to it, research has shown that a five per cent cut in average speed can result in 30 per cent reduction in the number of fatal road traffic crashes.

UN released this information in commemoration of year 2018 United Nations Global Road Safety Week.  The theme of this year’s Global Road Safety Week – the fourth in the series – is:  “Save Lives – #SlowDown”.

“Slowing down is very safe,” UN declared, stressing: “We all want to arrive safely at our destinations.  By slowing down we make our roads safer for our children, families and friends.”

The organization emphasized that the small changes that result in slowing down produce big results in road safety. 

It expressed belief that “when the world commits to #SlowDown and implements evidence-based solutions, road traffic crashes will fall and we will save lives.”

UN highlighted the many functions speed management campaigns serves.

According to it, speed management campaigns not only help people learn about the dangers of speeding but also about the penalties they may face if they break speed limit laws.

It pointed out that signs, road markings and global positioning systems in vehicles help people know the appropriate speed limits set for any given road.  

“Such campaigns,” UN elaborated, “offer practical reasons to #SlowDown.”  


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