Rehabilitation Of Rural Roads In Niger Gulps N1.7bn

Mr. Babatunde Fashola, Minister of Works, Housing and Power
Over N1.7 billion has so far been expended on the repairs, rehabilitation and upgrade of some roads, culverts and river crossing in rural communities across Niger state.
A tripartite consortium of federal, Niger state and the local governments in Niger state is handling repairs and renovation of failed rural roads in parts of the state under a project known as Rural Acess and Mobility Projects, (RAMP II).
The Niger state Coordinator, of RAMP II, Hassan Baba Yusuf said the project has carried out repairs, rehabilitation and construction of culverts, drift, river crossings and drainage structures in parts of the state.
He disclosed that over 176 kilometres of roads across some communities mostly ravaged by gully erosion, collapsed culverts and failed roads and drainage structures as well as water channels were put back to good state.
The RAMP Coordinator said several drainages and culverts along Tafa, Sabon Wuse, Izom and Suleja were washed away by heavy deluge of rainwater which necessitated urgent repairs and redesign of some of the affected structures to widen their corridors and construct drifts as safe guards.
Similarly, communities in Wawa, Malele, area of Borgu, as well as some communities in Wuya, Suma, Mokwa, Jagi, Kudu, Lemu in the southern parts of the states and some communities in Ijah Gwari areas, Izom, Gawu in zone B district of the state were impacted by the project to make life meaningful to citizens in the areas.
He said the repair works on some of the roads included expansion, enhancement and consolidation of the capacities of the roads.
He disclosed that in Suleja area, flooding and erosion had washed away culverts and created gulf of about 75 metres wide on a road which necessitated the construction of a drift and dikes in some places to control and parry water away from the road.
Hassan Baba Yusuf explained that in some communities, the project had to carry out redesigns and upwards review of the projected work to increase the life span and efficiency of the project.
The Coordinator said the project was determined to give all the rural communities across the state good access roads for a better life.


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