RE: Kaduna Central: Uba Sani Standing Alone

Distinguished Senator Shehu Sani



On Saturday, I was so bemused when I stumbled into an article in the New Nigerian online edition, titled KADUNA CENTRAL: UBA SANI STANDING ALONE by one Maimuna Tahir.

Considering that the article was meant to talk about the man whose name appeared on the theme, it then becomes very laughable when on a careful observation, a reader will notice that the name of Sen. Shehu Sani appeared seven times on the write up, same number of times the name of the man the article was meant for appeared. At a stage, I had to glance again to make sure that Sen. Sani’s name wasn’t what I saw on the heading of the article. If the writer was trying to eulogize Mr Uba Sani and make ridicule of Sen Shehu Sani, an averagely smart reader will observe that she ended up doing the opposite.

Every follower of political events in Kaduna state knows that Uba Sani is nothing more than an errand boy to his master Gov. Nasiru El-Rufai. For Mrs Maimuna Tahir to attest in her first paragraph that Uba Sani would get an easy sail to the Nigerian Senate if Shehu Sani is not contesting, it goes to show that she is aware of Sen Shehu Sani’s overwhelming supremacy over Uba Sani. To think that a politician’s movement from one political party to the other means the end shows how naive and inexperienced the writer is. However, the sad news for her and Mr Uba is that Shehu Sani is retaining his seat at the red chambers. He is contesting under the umbrella of the Peoples Redemption Party PRP, and just like they did during the 2015 elections, the people of kaduna central are very much willing to give him their mandate. I hope this piece of information doesn’t get Mrs Tahir sick.

Mr Uba Sani is a nobody in Kaduna politics. He doesn’t have a political base, he is not from any of the council wards in kaduna central and he is always relying on the governor to fight his political battles for him. Uba Sani is on a headlong fall politically. From being an SA to a President, he dropped and became an SA to a governor just to remain relevant. By 2019 when the good people of Kaduna state will kick out the governor, do not be surprised to see Uba Sani take up an appointment as an SA to a Local Government Chairman just to survive.
Such a person cannot be compared with the indefatigable Sen Shehu Sani whose name will always be prominently mentioned whenever one is talking about democracy in Nigerian.

Haj. Zainab Sanusi sent in this piece from Malali, Kaduna and can be reached via 

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