Railway Corporation Discloses How Customs Inspects Goods Transported By Train



Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) has explained how goods transported by train undergo inspection by Nigeria Customs Service (NCS).

Railway District Manager (RDM), Lagos, Engr. Jerry Oche, said that bonded goods are checked at APM terminals, while export cargoes are inspected at the port of shipment.

“We have the bonded and unbounded cargoes.  The bonded are the ones going into the bonded terminal.  We have it in Kano, Kaduna and normally Customs do all the checks in APMT before we pull out.” 

“For those that are not bonded, the destinations are Ajuba depot here at EBJ (Ebute Metta Junction, NRC Compound, Lagos).  We also have Adio in Oyo which we started recently,”  Oche clarified.

He said that NRC conveys goods for both import and export businesses.  Imports are the ones that are coming in and these could be manufactured products or products meant to be used by industries or companies,” the RDM elaborated.

“We also do exports from Ijoko, EBJ and Ajuba.  They are also going into the port.  Those ones would be inspected at the port and shipped out.  Some of these are agricultural products, some are metals,” he stated.

According to him, the consignments transported by the railway so far include animal feeds, fertilizer, pipes, among others.

He pointed out that fertilizers are moved up north to Minna, Kano, Kaduna;  and of recent NRC started returning animal feeds from the north.  “We,” he related, “would send fertilizer down and some of the wagons come with animal feeds. Right now we have wagons at ENI awaiting unloading,” the RDM stressed.

Having regard to the movement of pipes, Oche said that those who have been to Apapa station would have seen loads of many pipes there.  He said that movement of pipes has been on since three months.  “We have just done half of what came in a whole shipload for Osun State water project,” the district manager disclosed during an interview in his office recently. 


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