Water has remained an important natural endowment which various people have continued to lack,despite all this water vendors known as pure water producers in Zaria have began a strike with the hope of raising the price from N5 to N10 per searchet.

An investigation revealed that, for a very long time the water vendors in Zaria have made several attempt to increased the price of searchet water but to avail as some water vendors refused to comply with the association stand.

Many people who spoke to New Nigerian online expressed their sadness over their action to increased the searchet price at this particular period of demand of their product because of heat nature.

However, the people lamented the action of water vendors and  described the situation as sad development that raises further questions as an increase of intensity.

Also questioned why inspire of the hardship on economic recession being face by the generality of the pure water consumers, yet the vendors decided to embarked on strike to pave way for increase of price from N5 to N10 .

With this development people have resolved to make use of the available water at their costody to sustain their leaving.

Residents of Zaria and environs has appealed to the water vendors to rethink and change their earlier decision of price increase for the growth and development of their business.


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