Nigeria’s Political Leaders Paying Lip Service To Steel Developnent – Metallurgical Society


By; ISAAC ODEH, Kaduna

The President of the Nigeria Metallurgical Society, Professor, Benjamin Adewuyi has said that the cherished industrial development in Nigeria will be a mirage if the political leaders continue to pay mere lip service to the germane issue of steel development.     

He stated this during the award of fellow member of Nigerian metallurgical society (FMNMS) to the Director general of Defense Industries Corporation  of Nigeria (DICON), Major – General Bamidele Ogunkale at DICON Headquarters, Kaduna, saying that the strength of any economy and sustainable development depends on the strength of steel development.


He said that for Nigeria to achieve- greatness, it is necessary to focus on Nigerian Metallurgical Society (NMS) as the only professional body that regulate metal in Nigeria, adding that the developed nations take the issues of metallurgy very important for the progress and development of their countries.

The president also said that Nigeria needed the science of metallurgy in ship building and that the nation cannot afford to be importing billet for steel rolling plant since there are abundant raw materials to be explored in the country.


He expressed his happiness that the Ministry of Mine and Industry is now paying attention to exploration, saying that the exploration  preceded a mining and when things are placed in proper perspectives with well over 44 minerals assets Nigeria will be positioned to export finished military products to the country.


‘’The mineral and metallurgical sectors are strategic, hence there is a new road map in the offing following presidential assent to a bill passed to the president some time ago; we shall key into the current administration’s vision in our onerous task to reposition metallurgy Society in the guest for rapid industrial development he said’’.

He, however, expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Director- General of DICON and his management team, stressing that he was really impressed with tangible  and measurable achievement with practical evidence seen on ground in the corporation.


Earlier, the Director- General of DICON, Major-General Bamidele Ogunkale who also conferred with an award of fellow member of Nigerian Meteorically Society (FMNMS) Said that when he took over the mantle of leadership, he came out with the list of indispensable ally the corporation must need to collaborate with and NMS topped the priority list.


He expressed his happiness that the professional body noticed his modest contribution to corporation on one hand and the nation at large, adding that he was humbled by the fellow NMS conferred on him and that the award will double his effort to contribute more to the progress and development of the DICON.



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