Police Boss Accuses Private Security Coys Of Engaging Kidnappers, Ex-Militants As Guards

The Commissioner of Police, Lagos Command, Fatai Owoseni has accused Private Security Companies of engaging kidnappers and ex-militants among their operatives.
He explained that this offers them the ample opportunity to spy and gather information which they work on to attack their employers .
Owoseni gave the bombshell  on Friday,while fielding questions on the  reason while suspects  standing trail for theft and other criminal offences are being engaged by employers, only for them to commit same crime.
The police boss added that most of the criminals were being employed and dispatched to various beats without profiling  and  background check on them, adding that this act creates problem for the owner of the residents which they guard.  
While pointing out that it is the responsibility of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps ( NSCDC) to regulate the activities of the private security companies, Owoseni emphasised that it is the responsibility of the police to conduct a check on prospective employee in order to ascertain their past records.
He further hinted that there were reported cases of private security guards declining to open gates to some estates while on duty, each time policemen were on routine patrol of their areas.
Owoseni therefore advised members of the public to always consult the police to profile domestic workers before employing them.
The police boss gave the advise following the arrest of four poersons who always pose as dirvers and security guards just to abscond with their employeers properties.
He  disclosed that some criminals have formed a snydicate that advertised themselves as drivers and guards,only to gain access to information about the owners of the house where they are employed or posted as guards to attack him.
While expalining the antics of the suspects, the Police Commissioner said some get themselves employeed to private security agencies ans coose where to serve so that they can monitor and give information about their employer to their gang.
According to him, one of the four suspects paraded on Friday, James Jacob had sometimes ago been arrested and charged to court for rape and stealing his boss property, only for him to come back and engage in same act,
“One of the suspects James Jacob was once paraded and arraigned for allegedly raping an house help and stealing his boss’ car but got bail in court. If he had been brought for profiling. He would have been exposed,” Owoseni emphasised.



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