Only 30M Adults Have Bank Accounts, With Less Women Inclusive In Nigeria – NGO

Alhaji Aminu Bizi fielding questions from newsmen at the CBN Fair in Kaduna on July 19, 2018.


A non governmental Organization,   Amazing Amazon Foundation has said that out of 90 million Nigerian adults only 30 million have bank accounts with
less women inclusive in Nigeria .

According to the founder of the NGO, Mercy Makinde they collaborated with Diamond Bank with the aim of creating awareness to women financially on the need to save.

“We came up with this program to educate women most especially the local business women who do not have the idea on how to save their money using the banks.

“we have realised that whenever conferences are been organised, the
educated ones are always the ones who attend thereby living the illiterate  women behind whereas they are the ones who really need this kind of education so that they can become aware of inter banking
and new govermental policies.” she explained.

The founder who was speaking in a one day conference in Kaduna organize by her NGO in collaboration with Diamond bank to trained business women on need to save said that  these local women do not
have the financial literacies which can help them to scale up their businesses, this she noted had made their businesses to be at the same level without its value increasing throughout its life span.

Mrs. Mercy also explained that she initiated the program because she
realised that the local women are the drivers of the economy, which is
why she partnered with diamond bank since their banks have different
packages for women at different level to empower them.

The program intends to cover the 36 Nigerian States including Abuja
and they have been to six states so far and thereby achieving their aim which is local women becoming financially literate so that their businesses will grow and save money for future use.

Uche Ben-Uzoebo Head ,Agency and Merchant service under financial
inclussion Diamond Bank said the aim of the programme beta woman beta
Naija is alialigned in  empowering women financially.

She said the organisation decided to carry out the programme so that women would have financial literacy and also to empower women using financial inclusion start Beta Account by teaching them what the
finance is all about, and account is all about saving so that women
save money for what they want to do.

“Most times women always have the impression that they are all house
wife we seat back at home,

She called on the women to always have the culture of saving ” no matter how little that is why diamond bank in partnership with Amazing Amazon organized financial literacy event in Kaduna.

She said at the end of the programme they intend to empowered women and also to include them because most of them are excluded and most of them don’t save money in the bank  they only keep their money under their pillow and at the end of the day the money get missing  or when there is a fire incidents they can’t give account of the money”

She adviced the women to continue to get empowered so as to liberate themselves financially

Also, Mr Iheanyi Ononiwu Head of financial inclussion Diamond Bank said the principle behind the programme was that they believe that women are better money manager than men.

” if money is given to a woman she is likely to use it’s for the home and for children education and also to build up a home and if women are empowered we are building the nation and we are looking at
something  that will last long”, he added.

The program higlighted a drama enlightening women on the importance of
saving money in the bank rather than keeping it at home to avoid
risks falling on it.


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